Friday Night Lights: “Hello, Goodbye”

America, you’re falling down on the job. All of you should be watching. I’m calling on everyone who is reading this to recruit a new viewer.

The Dillon gang goes to a rodeo. Tyra laughs at Landry’s pre-wisdom teeth removal nerves. I’m with Landry here. Getting teeth pulled hurts like hell. Cash, a super hot cowboy played by As The World Turns Zach Roerig, catches Tyra’s eye. He asks her to dance. She’s already halfway in love with him. Oh, Tyra. Landry’s hilariously doped up after his surgery. He invites Tyra to watch movies with him and tells her he loves her. His Mom snatches the phone away before he can make a complete ass of himself. Tyra decides to spend the night with Cash instead of visit Landry as she promised. The next day she lies to him that she had to help her Mom because her aunt has health problems. Oh, Tyra. Landry sees them together. He calls her out on her sick Aunt lie. They have a huge argument culminating in Tyra admitting she’s choosing Cash over him. Ouch.

Matt’s mother shows up in Dillon and offers to help him. He asks her to take Grandma to the doctor the next day. Grandma hates the idea. Julie asks Matt to study with her. His Mom is at home when they get there. He tells her she can’t suddenly be his mother. He needed her help ten years ago, not now. Julie’s realization of how hard Matt’s life is plays across her face. Matt apologizes to Grandma for making her go to the doctor with his mother. Grandma admits that she and her Dad were tough on his mother. Matt has a heart to heart with his Mom. She tells him she’d only been dating his Dad two months when she got pregnant at 17. She has never forgiven herself for abandoning him. When she learned how much was on his plate she had to do something. He agrees to let her stick around for a few weeks. This storyline is so real. Matt aches for someone to take care of him, but he’s afraid to trust her.

At practice, Erica has JD and Matt trade off as QB. JD does really well. Eric explains his dilemma to Tammy: Matt has the experience but JD has raw talent. He also doesn’t want to destroy Matt. Eric grills JD. He knows everything about football, but has no other interests. His Dad even controls what he eats. Eric tells them they’re going to switch off quarters at the next game. Matt’s devastation is apparent.

Buddy’s still trying to make the jumbotron happen. He’s schmoozing a school board member named Paul before they meet to consider it. Tammy complains about the situation to Katie McCoy. Katie advises her to stop getting angry and chat up Paul at a restaurant. Tammy tries, but Paul is committed to the jumbotron. Tammy regrets picking a fight she can’t win. Eric is supportive of her position, now coming around to the pro teacher POV. He admires her for standing up for her beliefs. At the unveiling for the jumbotron Tammy announces that Buddy will be hosting the PTA auction at his car dealership. Ha.

Smash’s training for his walk-on isn’t going well. He learns he is meeting with an assistant director of group sales, not the head coach. At A&M, the guy they’re meeting with tells them they can’t see Smash until next week. Eric approaches the coach and talks up Smash. He persuades him to let Smash run against the team right then and there. Then he gives Smash and amazing pep talk, telling him God has placed hhim here at this moment for a reason. Smash kicks ass. The A&M coach cooly tells him they’ll call him later. Later, Smash gets the call: he’s made the team. He thanks Eric for everything then runs around the field one last time for an impromptu game of touch football with Matt, Landry and Tim. This plotline was completely implausible but I don’t care. Someone in Dillon needs a happy ending.

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