Grammy Talk, Al Bundy Back On TV, New DWTS, And Diddy Goes CSI

As I sat at home last night watching the Grammys it hit me: I was actually enjoying them.

There’s always been the negative chatter about the Grammys not representing a true variety of today’s musical landscape, but the truth is, it’s still the one night of the year where musical performances themselves are front and center on network television. Despite the fact that last night, said network used the platform to shamelessly plug their own shows, with bizarre actor/musician presenter pairings like Jay Mohr and LL Cool J. Seriously, why else would Gary Sinise be there?

I’ve been talking about this with people around the office today, and most agree; the pacing was on point – no drawn out interludes – the performances (for the most part, let’s not talk about Katy Perry’s lack of dance moves) were exciting, especially pregnant M.I.A. waddling alongside Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye, Lil’ Wayne in “Swagga Like Us,” and the awards themselves – yes, lets not forget it’s an awards show – were well-deserved. And lets face it, whether you loved it or hated it, where else would you ever see Jonas Brothers (they’ve lost the “The,”) perform with Stevie Wonder?

What did you think? Did you enjoy them? Any favorite performances? Here are some other things catching my attention today:


Pitchfork has a list of superlatives from last night’s Grammy’s. Who was the best Neil Diamond impersonator of the night?


Ed O’Neil is returning to TV to star in a new ABC comedy about a guy who marries a girl 30 years his junior. Al Bundy would be so proud!


The cast for the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars has been announced. Is there anything Steve-O won’t do?


Puffy, I mean Diddy, I mean Sean Combs is guest starring on CSI Miami tonight, and we’ve got a sneak peek. How many Ciroc vodka ads do you think will air during the episode?

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