Simpson Explains Fat Pants, Chris Brown Posts Bail, But Where’s Rihanna?

Jessica Simpson is heading to the Early Show on Wednesday to perform and explain those pesky tabloid photos that half the world is talking about. Were those fat pants or did she just have one too many romantic dinners with Tony Romo?

The latest news surfacing about Chris Brown’s arrest yesterday is that the singer posted bail and that Brown’s girlfriend, Rihanna, made the complaint to police. The LAPD report includes mention of an assault with a deadly weapon, but there was no actual weapon at the scene. Wrigley Gum has also (predictably) temporarily pulled the plug on Brown’s Doublemint ads, so they are no longer airing. Where Rihanna is now and what state she’s in still remains a mystery.

Dancing sweetheart and Fancast celebrity blogger Julianne Hough is returning to next season’s Dancing With the Stars, and this time with an added twist: She will be partnered with her boyfriend, country crooner Chuck Wicks.

Judd Apatow has developed a short film for the upcoming Oscars ceremony, which will air during the telecast’s tribute to comedy. “Judd was truly a prince to hop on and truly whip up special shooting for it,” said show producer Laurence Mark, adding, “It’s a big deal.” No word yet on the details of exactly what Apatow has up his hipster filmmaker sleeve.

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