Sci Fi Tracker: Land On Caprica Early! For Only $26! Plus – Supernatural’s Spare Heir?

Sure, this genre has never shied away from huge leaps to and fro within the time-space continuum, and yet, what to make of the fact that the two-hour pilot of Caprica will be made available to fans via DVD and download on April 21st of this year – nearly a year ahead of its airing on Sci Fi Channel in 2010? Seems likely that plenty of Battlestar Galactica’s passionate fanbase will gladly shell out their 26 clams for something to tide them over as they traverse the desolate wasteland between Battlestar‘s end and the new old (it’s a prequel, after all) beginnings of Caprica. So let’s see, what’s $26.98 times 2.1 million viewers (just going off recent reports at, carry the one, and that’s……a lot of frakkin’ money.

Speaking of BSG prequels, Sci Fi Wire has a great interview with the author of the recently released comic The Cylon Wars. Because we’ll take our backstory however we can get it.

And it seems a third Winchester may be in the works on Supernatural. Well, Papa John was a rolling stone….and Jake Abel will be portraying the bonus-round payoff of his wild-oat-sowing ways, which will come as a bit of a shock to Dean and Sam. Then again, with the episode in question being entitled “Jump the Shark” (which is set to air on April 23), and given the mile-wide clever streak of the show’s creators, it certainly has all the makings of a very meta-level leg pull, doesn’t it?

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