Transcript: Live Chat With ‘NCIS’ Star Pauley Perrette

11:55moderator: CBS’s runaway hit “NCIS” returns this Tuesday, February 10th at 8pm ET with a brand new episode on the same day the show’s soundtrack is released.

Joining us right here on Fancast is the talented and stunningly gorgeous Pauley Perrette (Abby Sciuto), who has a track on the soundtrack and will be taking questions on what’s upcoming, the season so far, her music and all things “NCIS.”

Watch a preview clip of tonight’s episode here:

[iframe—Deliverance-Sneak-Peek/embed 420 355]

11:56moderator: Welcome to the chat, Pauley

11:56pauley: Hello There!

11:56moderator: Congratulations on the ‘NCIS’ soundtrack releasing today. It’s pretty cool that one of the discs on the CD is labeled “Abby’s Lab” What was the main reason you guys are releasing the soundtrack now?

11:57pauley: We’ve been talking about it for years, awesome for it to come to fruition!

[iframe 524 27]

11:57[Comment From Deb]
What’s it like to work with such a great cast?

11:58pauley: VERY GRATEFUL! We work very hard and such long hours, it’s important to like the people you work with. Fun, funny talented people there!

11:58FancastEditor: Hey Pauley, a follow-up on the soundtrack…How did your band Stop Making Friends come about? Have you always been interested in music?

11:59pauley: I’ve been in and out of bands forever. Stop Making Friends is my project thats basically me taking my writings and songs and recording them with friends.

11:59[Comment From Robert Stacy]
You seem to really have fun playing Abby. Does Abby’s persona mimic any of your real life traits. Are any of the tattoo’s real?

12:00pauley: The neck tattoo and the giant cross on my back are not real, the rest are all mine

12:00pauley: Abby’s alot smarter than I am. :)

12:01[Comment From Bruce]
Rumor has it, there will be a NCIS spinoff. What are your feelings about this & will Abby be doing any crossover work on the new show.

12:01pauley: I don’t know if we will be crossing over into each other’s shows. We are still in the dark about the spin off. I know it’s happening, and that’s it.

12:03[Comment From Toni]
My question would be if Stop Making Friends is going to put out an album soon. I love Fear! It’s one of my favorite songs now! Also, I read somewhere that Pauley is a writer. I’d love to know where I could read some of her work!

12:04pauley: There will be a Stop Making Friends record, working on it! Also am planning to publish a book of writings. There’s just so much, hard to pick which ones.

12:04[Comment From Jeanne]
You have music playing in your lab all the time – is any of it your music?

12:05pauley: Nope, the music in the lab is various artist. I asked to not have any of my music played in the lab, it would be weird to have yourself singing in the background. My music will be elsewhere, not in the lab.

12:05[Comment From Scott]
Are you as into computers as Abby is? I can kinda relate to “Elf Lord” I play a LOT of WoW…

12:06pauley: I have a love/hate with the internet. Love the ease of e-mail research,

12:06pauley: HATE the lies all over the internet and mean people saying horrible things

12:07[Comment From Guest]
Congrat’s on your recent engagement, I can’t believe that your 39 – same age as me. What month were you born?

12:07pauley: Sean Murray really does play games, as does Brian Dietzen.

12:07pauley: March

12:08[Comment From TimScooter]
Why does NCIS cast seem to always be having more fun during work than most shows. It really makes the show come alive with the jokes and humor- its almost a crime solving comedy show

12:09pauley: The comedy is SO important to us, that’s what makes NCIS different and fun. It also makes our job really fun. We are always laughing our selves silly.

12:09moderator: What do you attribute the show’s ratings success to? It’s crazy to have a show in its sixth year reaching ratings highs like your show has.

12:10pauley: It is an addicting show. Once people start watching, it’s hard to stop.

12:10[Comment From Nancy]
My daughter is a Molecular Biologist & my hubby also works in a water lab….they both love watching you work. They approve of your technique, which is rare when you do a job that is then acted on TV.

12:10pauley: NCIS reruns playing on cable got a lot of new people hooked

12:11pauley: We try to get the tech stuff correct and always have real NCIS people, and the coroner and arms experts etc helping

12:12[Comment From Nici]
Hi Pauley! My question to you, some of us online have been wondering – does Abby’s lab have a sink? Silly question but am curious! :)

12:13pauley: Hmmmmm… I’m not sure. Walls and things move in and out all the time. Maybe in the back of the inner lab. The cool sink is in Autopsy

12:13[Comment From Blake]
is it true you were going to study forensics before you started acting

12:14pauley: I studied sociology, psychology and criminal science. Was fascinated with forensics long before forensics became famous.

12:14[Comment From coraangel]
what is the best part of being on the show

12:15pauley: Being in a work environment that is enjoyable. There are so many people working together, it takes the right team, we have the best crew ever.

12:15[Comment From Cindy]
Will there be any romantic relationships for any of the main characters this year?

12:16pauley: I don’t know. They don’t tell us anything. We get scripts, and it’s like, “Oh, so I guess Abby bowls”.

12:17[Comment From john]
what is that red stuff you’re always drinking anyway?

12:17pauley: In real life it’s fruit punch. Caff-Pow is a fictional drink that is supposed to be loaded down with caffeine.

12:18moderator: I know you’re super active with charities which is awesome. With your busy schedule, how do you decide what charities to get involved with?

12:19pauley: I do what I can when I can. I just feel like it’s important for all of us to help each other, especially during trying times.

12:19[Comment From Deb]
What scene/episode have you found to be the most challenging as an actor?

12:20pauley: In my own life I never raise my voice much. I find it very hard to shout or scream. It’s so unnatural to me, and I hate shouting and screaming.

12:21moderator: I guess we know how you felt about the outcome of the presidential election…

12:21pauley: That was a neat trick! I made those t-shirts and gave out thousands of them to people.

12:22[Comment From Grace]
What character including Abby do you relate to the most on the show?

12:23pauley: Hmmmm… Butch, the Dog?

12:23[Comment From Guest]
I’ve noticed that Abby’s character has changed over the course of the series. She was much more self-contained and cool in the beginning, and now she is more enthusiatic and child-like, especially in her relationship with Gibbs. Was this a conscious change by the producers or actors?

12:25pauley: If you look at the character as someone who actually has had all these things happen to her: her friends being killed, being stalked, being held at gunpoint, knifepoint… I think she has gotten increasingly freaked out. But I think shes figuring out how to deal. Who could possibly have NO reaction to all of that happening? I try and give her a memory.

12:25[Comment From durf]
What episode did you find the most fun to film?

12:26pauley: Bloodbath, also the freakiest.

12:26pauley: Also LOVE Fornell scenes

12:27moderator: Quik reminder – “Fear” featuring Pauley from the NCIS Soundtack is available above the chat console. Just push play.

12:27pauley: really? that’s cool

12:28FancastEditor: And the soundtrack is available today to purchase…everyone go get a copy!

12:28[Comment From Debby]
Will Abby and Tim ever get back together?

12:28pauley: I don’t know. They have such a great thing. There’s a lot of love there, they understand each other and look out for each other.

12:29pauley: They already tried it though once. Apparently it didnt work out,

12:29[Comment From Nici]
Do you find it cool to see fans dressing up as Abby? I do it every year at the Fan Fest! :)

12:30pauley: Abby’s a fun costume. And pretty easy: lab coat, ponytails, choker, tattoos… I especially like it when dudes dress up as her, There’s nothing like Abby with a beard!

12:30moderator: Another reminder: ‘NCIS’ airs a brand new episode tonight at 8pm ET on CBS.

You can watch the latest episode right here on Fancast.

12:31[Comment From Myra]
“Are you really originally from south Louisiana” And, if so, how did you find your way to NCIS?

12:32pauley: I was born in Louisiana, moved all over the deep south. Then spent some time in New York City, then LA. Been on a bunch of different shows, films before NCIS. All different kinds of characters.

12:32[Comment From Carlos]
So what did Gibbs get Abby for her birthday? Or was it just a Pulp Fiction refrence?

12:33pauley: I think he got her a box. :) No one ever explained it.

12:33[Comment From usa marine]

12:33[Comment From Clarissa]
Besides NCIS, what is your favorite TV show?

12:33pauley: Thank You!

12:34pauley: Americas Most Wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:34[Comment From Vic]
Is it difficult on the cast when a regular member is written out?

12:34pauley: It’s absolutely horrible. I cry every time.

12:35[Comment From Steve T]
Please What has happened to the headslaps this season? They were such a big part of the show…Not one in season 6…

12:35pauley: I miss Sasha and Lauren all the time, even though I still talk to them in real life.

12:35pauley: Really, Not 1? Hmmm… Maybe somebody should go slap somebody.

12:36[Comment From Bob]
Are you a fan of Abby’s boots?

12:36pauley: There might be some coming up that you guys haven’t seen yet. BTW tonights episode I think is going to be
pretty awesome.

12:36FancastEditor: Ooh anything more you can tell us about tonight’s episode?

12:36pauley: Some boots, not all. I love boots, they’re my favorite shoes.

12:37pauley: It’s a twisted story involving gangs, and you get to see Abby do something she’s never done before. :)

12:37FancastEditor: Awesome, we can’t wait!!

12:37moderator: Watch a preview clip of tonight’s episode here

12:38[Comment From Regina]
Having moved around a lot, where did you enjoy living the most?

12:38pauley: Watch AFTER the live chat,

12:38moderator: Right on

12:39[Comment From Carli]
What happened to gibbs kissing abby’s cheek?! i miss them!!!

12:39pauley: I am glad that I spent the time in NY that I did. It was VERY tough. I was working several jobs, was always
broke, sometimes had no where to live. Very hard. But since I survived it, I guess it was good for me

12:39pauley: Mark throws in kisses when he feels like it. I hink the mistletoe kiss from Abby was the only scripted one.

12:39[Comment From JMK]
The cast seem very close is that for real or just show

12:40pauley: Yes, we are very close. Been together a long time now and have been through so much together.

12:40[Comment From Priscilla]
I love your song on the soundtrack!! Michael weatherly should do a song. I love his singing.

12:41pauley: Michael is an OUTSTANDING singer songwriter. He makes me these CDs of all original music, he plays guitar, piano… extremely talented

12:41[Comment From Cleary]
Are you a lot like Abby? My Husband & I have a running bet!

12:41FancastEditor: Wow, I think that calls for a duet on the show soon.. :)

12:43pauley: I don’t think I am like Abby. The hugs came from me, I hug people, we both go to church, both a bit hyper active. She’s far more focused with her hyperactivity, I am seriously ADD

12:43[Comment From Priscilla]
If NCIS were to do a crossover with any show, what would you want it to be?

12:44pauley: Without a Trace. One of my first jobs was playing Anthony LaPaglia’s assistant. He’s a great man, love him.

12:44[Comment From Christine]
Tony is a very funny guy on NCIS, is michael really like thins on set

12:45pauley: Michael is so crazy funny on set it’s hard to do scenes with him without laughing. He is a goofball.

12:45[Comment From faelam]
You are my 12 year old daughter favorite character! She is very inspired by science. Thanks for being a great
role model!

12:46pauley: Love that young girls are getting into math and science. My niece is the same way.

12:46[Comment From US MARINE]

12:47pauley: HERE HERE! Cheers Marines!

12:47[Comment From Hanna]
IF you had to be one other chracter besides abby who would it be and why?

12:47pauley: Gibbs, He doesn’t have to give long speeches. He’s a man of few words. :)

12:48FancastEditor: Pauley we’ve been getting such great comments from fans all around the world. Have you gotten to
travel much for the show and see some of your fans around the globe?

12:49pauley: I don’t travel, I like to stay home. I would never leave my house if it were possible. But HELLO WORLD!

12:49[Comment From KT]
What is your favorite charity and why?

12:50pauley: There are many, Project Angel Food, Habitat For Humanities, APLA, Donor’s Choose, all no kill animal rescues…

12:50FancastEditor: That’s so awesome that you’re involved in so many charities. Great to see people giving back when they can.

12:50[Comment From Misty]
What is your favorite band?

12:50pauley: It’s so important. We are all in this together

12:51pauley: Band: Rage Against The Machine

12:51moderator: Woot!

12:51FancastEditor: Nice

12:51[Comment From Bob]
Why did NCIS kill off Jenny? Whe was one of my favorite characters

12:52pauley: They blow my mind still, every time, even though I listened to the cd millions of times, still, GREATEST.

12:52pauley: We knew we couldn’t keep Lauren forever, I miss her!

12:52[Comment From NCISlover]
biggest change you had to make to play Abby?

12:53pauley: She wears tighter pants and shorter skirts than me.

12:53[Comment From Nancy]
What is your rehearsing & shooting schedule like? Long, hard days?

12:54pauley: My schedule changes depending on when company is on location. I have to be ready to jump at all times.

12:54[Comment From Kimberley]
Pauley, do you have other siblings? Any of them in acting?

12:55pauley: I have one amazing, awesome, delightful, smart, funny, incredible sister. I like her a lot. No one is in the
biz but me in my family.

12:56moderator: We’re getting a TON of tattoo questions – this is what Pauley said earlier – “The neck tattoo and the giant cross on my back are not real, the rest are all mine”

12:56pauley: yup

12:57[Comment From Deanna]
What’s your favorite scene from NCIS?

12:57pauley: That’s tough after 6 years. Lately, its been the interrogation room with Fornell and then Vance. Funny.

12:58pauley: also loved tony and abby playing monkey in the ballistics lab. We made that up at the last second.

12:58moderator: That’s it. Wow that hour went fast. Thank you Pauley.

12:58FancastEditor: Thanks Pauley!!!

12:58moderator: Pauley has to say goodbye now, but we want to thank her so much for her time and for taking part in our
Fancast Forum today. Just a reminder, “NCIS” airs tonight at 8pm ET on CBS with a brand new episode. And don’t forget to pick up the NCIS soundtrack, on sale starting today. Thanks so much Pauley!

Watch a preview clip of tonight’s episode here.

12:58pauley: Cheers!

12:59[Comment From Joey]
thank you pauley!

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12:59[Comment From farah]
byy i love you

12:59[Comment From mimi]
thank youuuu!!!

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12:59[Comment From Christine]

12:59pauley: Bless you all!

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thank you

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12:59[Comment From Sphinx]
Thanks Pauley

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thank you pauley!

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thanks a lot i love you

12:59[Comment From Lissa]
You are the best

12:59[Comment From Carli]
thank you!!!

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see ya on the show bye

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12:59[Comment From BwPhotography]
thank you pauly!

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12:59[Comment From Marie]
loved the inverview

12:59[Comment From Ray]
thanks pauley

12:59[Comment From Conny & Karl in Vancouver]
you are the best!

12:59[Comment From Cleary]
Thanks Girl!

12:59[Comment From Carol Ann]
Thanks! :)

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you are the greatest!

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Wow, I just came on…. Thanks for the chat though

12:59[Comment From Rachel]

12:59FancastEditor: Everyone watch NCIS tonight and pick up the soundtrack!

12:59[Comment From Scott]
Say hi to the cast from all of us

12:59[Comment From Shaun]
Thanks Pauley. Bye !

12:59[Comment From PAfirefighter7488]
thank you so much.

12:59[Comment From peggy]
love you and the show

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until the revolution…lthanks

12:59[Comment From Mashpotatos]
God Bless

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1:00[Comment From Madi]
Muah! Keep up the radical work!

1:00FancastEditor: We’d love to see you back here again Pauley, thanks again for the time.

1:00[Comment From kelly]
i love your so

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Keep up the good work!

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Kiss from France Pauley!

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your amazing:)

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God bless and thank you

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