American Idol: Pulling A Brooke

Here we are again, back for the second round of Hollywood week on American Idol. This round is interesting for the mere fact that the contestants will be supplied with a band and are allowed to play an instrument. The producers decided to screw with us by going back and forth between the auditions and the holding rooms. Seriously, is that necessary? Just go in chronological order. Please.

Adam Lambert had the pleasure of being the first performer of the day. He’s been criticized for sounding too musical theater. Just to prove them wrong, Adam whips out his secret weapon: Cher. Ah yes, nothing says masculinity like a retooled version of “Believe.” His voice did sound good, but it’s just hard to get past the fact that he’s singing a Cher song. Butch it up a little, babe.

The first person to stand out in a good way was Matt Giraud. He’s the one who has a similar tone and style to Elliot Yamin. Not only can this kid play a mean keyboard, but he actually pulled off “Georgia on my Mind” with ease.

Next up are the wonder twins, Danny Gokey and his BFF Jamar Rogers. For some odd reason, the judges actually seemed to like Jamar’s version of “Delilah,” while the rest of us just threw up a little bit. Danny fared much better. He must have massive cajones to get up there and sing a Martina McBride song, but his slowed-down, soulful version of “I Hope You Dance” is making me re-think my illegal downloading policy.

The girls aren’t getting much individual attention, but we do see a mini-montage of some of the highlights. Kendall Beard tries (and fails) to deliver a Carrie Underwood song. Stevie Wright tries her hand at “Bubbly.” Lil Rounds stops the show. Kristin McNamara tackles “Because of You” and can’t live up to Kelly Clarkson’s vocals.

The world has apparently started revolving around Tatiana Del Toro. In fact, Tatiana has decided that it’s perfectly acceptable to break out into song at random times like she’s the star in her own Disney movie. But get this—Tatiana actually sang a Whitney song… and nailed it! OK, so her annoying runs at the end were a little much, but everything else was well done.

Even the great ones sometimes forget the lyrics. Add Joanna Pacitti, Casey Carlson, and Steven Fowler to that list. Love how Ryan Seacrest brought up the Brooke White incident. From here on out, forgetting your lyrics and asking to start over will now be known as “Pulling a Brooke.”

Now it’s time for everyone to be herded like cattle. The judges “agonize” for “hours” about who should stay for the last round. The contestants are split up into four groups.

Room 2 contains Nathaniel Marshall, Joanna, Steven, Von Smith, Casey, and Kai Kolama. Basically, this is the “Brooke White” room. It’s common knowledge that the judges don’t tolerate forgotten lyrics, but for some reason the room is through to the next round.

The other rooms hear the screaming and get nervous. Up next is Room 3, who basically contains no one we care about except for the Castro brother. It’s kind of irritating that we haven’t seen Michael Castro sing a lick since his initial audition. It would be nice to know why he’s gotten the boot.

Over at Room 1, stand-outs Danny, Matt, Adam, Anoop, Jorge, Lil, etc. are all pretending to be nervous. They know they’re safe. Which they are.

Room 4 had now heard two rooms celebrating. This doesn’t fare well. Especially since this is Tatiana’s room. After a long period of the judges messing with their emotions, they’re finally told that they’re safe. Screams are had by all.

Tomorrow is the final week in Hollywood. This is the day where the Top 36 is formed. And get this—there’s no more long elevator ride. Instead, they’ll be given the news at the “judges’ mansion.” WTF is the judges’ mansion? I doubt any of the judges actually love there. And there’s another twist: the contestants will have to sing for their survival. This should be interesting.

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