Privileged: “All About Betrayal” (recap)

This was the best episode since the pilot, getting back to the show’s original, more serious themes.

Rose tells Sage that Miles is their grandfather.  He had a heart attack last week.  She senses that Sage is hiding something from her,  but Sage denies it.  When they tell Megan, she phones Laurel to warn her.  Laurel meets with Elise, who tells her that Miles is in a coma.  She’s suing Laurel for causing the heart attack by denying him a relationship with his grandchildren.  Laurel orders Megan not to tell the twins that Megan already knew about Miles.  Laurel comes clean with the twins.  Rose is devastated while Sage figures they didn’t really lose anything.  Rose wants to visit Miles, while Sage doesn’t see the point.  Megan advises Rose to go, offering to accompany her since she’s scared to go alone. When Megan reveals that she knows Miles is in Santa Barbara, Rose figures out that she’s been lying to her.  Sage shows up at the plane, not wanting Rose to go alone.  She reveals that on the day of their parents plane crash, she called to complain about a fight she had with Laurel.  They missed the flight they were supposed to take.  She’s blamed herself all these years.  That is horrible and explains so much about Sage.  Rose, instead of offering her the expected sympathy, gets on the plane without her.  Laurel tells Sage that Miles died. Sage barely reacts but tells Laurel she forgives her, expressing sympathy for all of Laurel’s losses.  Rose returns home. She decides to move into her own bedroom.  She doesn’t hate Sage or blame her.  She’s just tired of everyone protecting her because they think she’s fragile.

Will tells Megan that his father is going to create the magazine they pitched to him.  Apparently he is so rich that he doesn’t care about the demise of print journalism.   He introduces them to the editor David, who has a neon sign over his head stating that he’s Megan’s new potential love interest.  Will applies for the senior photography editor position.  Megan pitches a story about a senator.  David isn’t impressed, telling her to try harder and take more risks.  When she tells Will that she’s taking David’s advice, he accuses her of taking everyone’s opinion more seriously than his, citing his suggestions about Laurel’s biography.  Uh, Will, since David’s the editor, Megan has to listen to him.  Megan thinks he’s really upset about Charlie.  Will admits he’s angry that Megan didn’t come home with him after the fight.  David overhears their argument.

They’ve declared a truce by the time of their interviews. Will’s Dad tells him he’s got the editor job.  Will is upset that he got the position because his Dad flexed his muscles.  I don’t know how else he thought he’d get it.  Megan pitches an article about Maureen Dowd.  That is the worst idea. I’ve just lost all respect for Megan.  David agrees with me.  He admits he’s reluctant to work with her because of her relationship with Will.  He doesn’t want to deal with the drama.  I like that Megan blows every opportunity she has, rather than being a victim of a cruel world.  It’s an unusual choice for a heroine.  When she tells Will the interview went badly, he offers to talk to his Dad.  Megan doesn’t want to get a job that way.  Will, defensive, accuses her of playing the martyr, pointing out that people get ahead by connections.  If I remember correctly that was why Megan took the job working for Laurel in the first place.  Megan’s blowing an opportunity again.  Megan tells him to enjoy the job he earned.  He doesn’t tell her what really happened.

Marco pays a surprise visit to Keith bearing homemade dessert.  There is little I wouldn’t forgive if someone apologized with baked goods.  Unfortunately, Keith is busy having sex with his best friend Jennifer so he can have a child. Marco invites her over for dinner to accuse her of wanting Keith, not a baby.  Jennifer hilariously says she and Keith are going to have a non-traditional family and live happily ever after in a three bedroom duplex.  Marco asks Keith to marry him.  He accepts, to Jennifer’s chagrin.

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