John Malkovich vs. Josh Brolin in “Jonah Hex”

John Malkovich, who has a bit of a tendency to play really creepy villains, is now set to star as a nasty Southern plantation owner by the name of Turnbull, who will have it in for Josh Brolin’s disfigured gunslinging hardass bounty hunter in the DC Comics western saga Jonah Hex. Director Jimmy Hayward (read my interview with him from back when Horton Hears a Who came out) will be making his live-action debut after replacing Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, whose script he’ll still be working with.

Jonah Hex is a grizzled loner who lurches around wearing a Confederate uniform and tracks down dirty bastards what need killin’ to earn a livin’. Turnbull will be rich man who blames Hex for getting his son killed by the Union soldiers in the Civil War. People always seem to have it in for Hex, and Hex is always an irritable cuss who never has much use for manners or friends. Brolin will be perfect for that role, and Malkovich is a great nemesis for him. Hex has more recently been portrayed as a disfigured Clint Eastwood from his classic western days, and who can forget Malkovich’s chilling turn as Eastwood’s creepy tormentor from In The Line Of Fire.

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And if you’d like to get a sneak peek at what a live-action Hex might look like, here’s a very early test image that surfaced last June with Thomas Jane wearing the Hex make-up, along with an example of the Eastwood-as-Hex depiction.

This could be a very cool movie in the classic western style. We could use something like that, and Brolin is certainly a man who could deliver on that. In fact, we might get to see him pull off all that bad-assery he was denied in No Country for Old Men.

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