Christina Applegate: Sick, Or Sick of Valentines Day?

Your Valentine’s Day plans are set; You will either spend tomorrow at a romantic restaurant or watching a DVR Ghost Whisperer marathon while fondling the box of See’s Candy that your mom gave you. But have you ever wondered what the big stars are doing for the holiday? Who stays home and who goes out?

Samantha Who’s Christina Applegate didn’t seem to be in the mood for chocolates or candy hearts this weekend. She told us “I’m gonna be in bed because I’m very sick.  But I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person.  I can take it or leave it really.  To me it’s just Saturday and I think that you should show the person that you love that you love them more than just once a year.”

Barry Watson who plays her on screen ex-boyfriend, roomie and possible soul mate, had other plans that included his partner and kids – and he was also sick.  “You know I’m a sucker for holidays,” he told us.  “Halloween is my favorite, Valentine’s, and St. Patty’s Day has always been on the top of my list.  I’m fighting a cold so I just hope I’m okay.  I’ve got my mom coming in town to watch the kids.  We haven’t had this in a long time so hopefully we’ll have a couple of days to just chill and be with each other.  For us, with two small kids, five minutes together is huge.”

What’s one of TV’s sexiest women doing the for the day? “I like to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of the year,” said Gabrielle Anwar of Burn Notice to Fancast.  “I’m a hopeless romantic so I don’t do the Hallmark thing.”

While How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris kept mostly mum about his plans, revealing to Fancast “Private romantical plans.  Nothing I really want to tell a tape recorder.  So, yeah it will be a good night,” he said, with a sly smile.

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