Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:”The Good Wound” (recap)

Sarah regains consciousness in a hospital bed. She hears Kyle Reese’s voice. She flashes back to that whole adventure with the cross-dresser, and getting shot in the leg. A sheriff lingers outside her hospital door, talking to the nurse, which prompts Sarah to feign slumber when the nurse pokes her head in to check on her. Once the nurse leaves, and closes the door behind her, Sarah yanks her IV out, and struggles to get on her feet. By the looks of things, this doesn’t tickle.

The sheriff posted outside her door soon hears breaking glass. He barges in – only to get jumped from behind and whacked with a bedpan. Or something equally effective in facilitating the transition from “walking upright” to “unconscious in a heap on the floor.” Upside being that medical attention will be in convenient proximity once he revives.

Reese walks with Sarah down the hospital hallway. Sort of. At least Sarah can see him.

Derek is leaving his Jesse-lined love nest in a hurry. He explains that there’s trouble with John’s girlfriend. Wrist-slashing trouble. Checking-into-a-hospital-and-dealing-with-all-manner-of-authorities-and-paperwork trouble, too. Jesse wants to know what the girlfriend’s status is. You know, out of curiosity.

Derek finds John waiting in the hallway at the hospital. Derek doesn’t have to tell John how stupid it was, bringing Riley to a place as public as a hospital! No, wait – he does have to tell him how stupid it was. The doctor materializes. By law, he has to hold Riley as a psycho……er, mentally disturbed person who bears watching…..for 72 hours. And then a social worker will evaluate the situation further.

Sarah calls Derek, tells him about the warehouse. And her leg. She wants Derek to focus on burning the jeep, which has “evidence of me all over it.” Mere mortals would be lamenting the loss of blood. She’s just worried about where it all landed. That’s one tough cookie.

Derek regroups with John, tells him about the warehouse. “Is it real this time?” John wants to know. Derek relays that the bullet in Sarah’s leg sure is, which effectively wipes the snarky expression off John’s face. Derek tells him to stay behind and stick it out with Riley, since he started this whole administrative, paperwork-intensive mess.

Sarah kidnaps a young lady doctor named Felicia Burnett from the hospital parking lot. She takes her at gunpoint to a motel, where’s she’s planning on having the bullet removal thing done in more of an old-school manner, with maybe a knife and something to bite down on. Reese tells her to chill out and quit freaking the lady doc out with her gun-toting paranoid demeanor. Sarah shows Dr. Burnett the ripped page from her hospital chart. Burnett wants to know why Sarah can’t go back there, but rightly deduces that maybe Sarah is wanted by the authorities – did she hurt someone? “Not yet,” Sarah says with a wild gleam in her eye. Reese isn’t sure this is any way to win the doc over. And Sarah holding a gun to the doctor’s head while she’s examining the wound probably isn’t helpful, either.

Dr. Burnett notices Sarah’s other scars – which parlays nicely into Sarah spinning a yarn about being a battered woman on the run from an ill-tempered lover. Only Reese is also freaked by the scar on Sarah’s shoulder. She explains that a certain someone (well – something) hurt her to get to their son. Lady doc benefits from the explanation too – and Sarah manages to hide the fact that she’s in constant communication with a hallucination.

Reese gets a bit weepy upon hearing Sarah’s hard-luck story. Dr. Burnett is moved too. Sarah lays it on a bit thick about being on the lam. The good doctor wants to know if the mean-tempered man who is after her is a doctor? A law enforcement type? Sarah refrains from clarifying with “killer robot from the future.” Dr. Burnett hints that she too has known what it’s like to live in fear.

Two sheriff types are poking around Sarah’s blood-soaked vehicle. The one named Alvin, who appears to be in charge, has found the digital voice recorder. His colleague gets a phone call about how their suspect is now AWOL.

Cut to Sarah’s abandoned hospital room, which is chock full of collateral damage. Alvin figures with the broken window and the nearly broken deputy she left in her wake, their fugitive is “accustomed to her circumstance.” The deputy who got clocked by the bedpan, or whatever it was, is back on the job, and reports that a resident named Dr. Felicia Burnett didn’t show up for her rounds this morning. Alvin knows Felicia. He’s not happy to hear this. They do the APB thing, and go looking for the lady doctor.

Back in the motel room, Dr. Burnett warns Sarah that this is gonna hurt. Bad. And boy, does it.

John visits Riley in her room. She “feels like an idiot.” (She is an idiot, so it stands to reason.) She doesn’t want to talk about the whole wrist-slashing thing. Especially not after Cameron walks into the room. She sends them away, insisting she’s had a long day. Wrist-slashing can really take it out of a girl.

Sarah comes to in the motel room. Reese begins reciting John’s message to his mother. Then she comes to, for real. Dr. Burnett explains she couldn’t get the bullet out. It’s too close to an artery. They need to go to the hospital, so she can use equipment more advanced than a scalpel and some sterilizing alcohol. Sarah thinks she’s lying. Reese points out that the doctor could have given her up while she was unconscious – but she didn’t. Sarah reluctantly agrees to go back to the hospital……under certain conditions.

Ellison visits John Henry in his little room. John Henry is playing with toy action figures. He loves the whole ball-and-socket joint thing they have going on – which is so much more efficient than the less flexible hinge-ish joints of this stupid mortal shell he finds himself encased in. Ellison starts talking about people having been made in God’s image. John Henry points out that his body was made in the image of a cheesy B-movie actor, who then proceeded to rampage and kill some FBI guys, whom Ellison remembers all too well. He wants to know how the hell John Henry knows all this back story. Google, of course.

Ellison goes to pay Catherine Weaver a visit. He’s not sure the internet access is such a good idea for John Henry. Weaver tells him it’s his job to help guide John through the glut of information at his disposal.

The sheriffs come across the motel room which Sarah and Dr. Burnett and the ghost of Reese have just vacated.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Dr. Burnett are figuring out how to bust into a hospital, undetected.

John and Cameron sit in the hospital hallway. John asks Cameron what his future self would do about the Riley situation. Cameron responds that he’d have more important things to worry about.

Riley also has more important things to worry about. Like Jesse, who has shown up and is anxious to speed up Riley’s check-out process.

Dr. Burnett wheels Sarah into the morgue – not necessarily in a fit of pessimism or anything, but she figures it’s the best place she could possibly work undetected. The lady doc wants to know if this Reese fellow Sarah keeps talking about (and to) is the bad hombre who caused these wounds. Sarah explains that Reese is one of the good guys – and the father of her son. Only he’s dead.

Burnett goes to retrieve some of the equipment she’s gonna need. Reese notices Sarah’s leg is bleeding again. That’s not good. At least not if the bullet is moving any closer toward that artery.

Sarah calls Derek. She wants to know if he’s found that warehouse yet. He explains there are more pressing concerns. Like Riley’s slashed wrists leaving them all wide open for public scrutiny. (Sarah knew that girl was trouble!) She confesses that her leg is a fairly pressing concern, too. He realizes that, given that she doesn’t otherwise reach out to him so readily.

Catherine pays John Henry a visit. He immediately pegs her as machine, ‘cause she has dead heartless shark eyes. She wants to know if he’s shared that with anyone, and fortunately for him, he hasn’t. He talks about a substance, coltan, which he’s partially composed of. Which is interesting, because he’s intercepted an audio transmission pertaining to the guy who was shot in the warehouse in the desert. The word “coltan” is mentioned prominently in this transmission. Hmmmmm- Catherine will look into that. As she prepares to leave the room, he wants to know what she’s doing, exactly. She won’t tell him, exactly, except to say that “everything I do, I do for you.” He goes back to playing with his action figures, in that creepy man-child way of his.

Dr. Burnett has returned with the equipment she needs. Only, she’s going to have to put Sarah under. And hand over the gun. Reese has to talk her into it, but she gives in, reluctantly, again. As Reese points out, she’s not one of “them,” and that bullet won’t repair itself. Dr. Burnett “swears on a stack of Bibles” that if Sarah doesn’t hand over that gun and start cooperating, she’ll let Sarah die.

Sarah acquiesces.

Up in the more visible part of the hospital, Riley’s doctor reveals that Riley has gone missing. John wants to help look for her. Cameron doesn’t.

Jesse takes Riley back to her luxury hotel room. She can’t believe Riley is repaying her for removing her from hell and introducing her to paradise with a pair of slashed wrists. Riley says there was a girl at school who slashed her wrists. John wanted to help her, only the machine wouldn’t let him. Jesse might just be impressed – maybe – if Riley did this to tug at John’s heartstrings. It’s so calculating and ruthless. Just like Jesse. She agrees to let Riley hang out for a little bit before booting her out and back to her mission of wreaking two-faced, traitorous, weasel-bitch havoc in John Connor’s life.

At the mystery warehouse in the middle of nowhere, the nefarious bad guys are packing up their stuff. Seems that dead sentry Sarah shot in the foyer was some seriously bad PR. The guy in charge doesn’t know enough to panic when he sees Catherine Weaver gliding toward him…not until she sprouts large ginzu knives in lieu of forearms. At least his death is nearly instantaneous. Likewise for a couple of other warehouse workers who are strolling down the hallway. Catherine makes her way into the main room, and eventually slices and dices her way through everyone else. She starts poking around one of the computers, and isn’t all that threatened by the last couple of heat-packing bad guys. She just wants to know where they keep their demolition materials. Why? No reason. But if they won’t tell her, she’ll figure it out herself.

Soon she’s strolling out the front doors – which soon explode in a million pieces, along with the rest of the joint.

The two sheriff fellows listen to the digital voice recording. Alvin dispatches his sidekick to do some secondary legwork while he himself goes to roam the desert vaguely in search of a warehouse at the end of a dirt road. Only there’s suddenly a big explosion.

They find themselves staring at Sarah’s now-firebombed jeep in the parking lot, which gives Derek the perfect opportunity to sneak inside and burn what little paperwork they’ve managed to accumulate on the case so far. Outside, these yocal local officers aren’t so yocal local that they can’t realize Sarah has an accomplice. Only they aren’t big city enough to figure out that he’s just a few feet away from them, setting a bonfire in the garbage can in their office. Alvin changes his game plan and decides to head back to the hospital to look for Sarah.

As Sarah lays unconscious, she has a weird dream in which she and Reese are staring at an old, dead tree. He says he knows this tree. He and Derek used to leave notes for each other here. She thinks he’s talking crazy – till he digs up a box, which contains that first woeful picture of Sarah he ever laid eyes on.

On the operating table, Sarah calls out for Reese. Derek bursts in. Dr. Burnett fumbles for Sarah’s weapon and points it at Derek. She first assumes he’s the bad apple who has Sarah on the lam. Derek’s not that scared, given that Dr. Burnett doesn’t even know enough to take the safety off of the gun she’s aiming at him. He draws his weapon. Only Sheriff Alvin comes busting in next with his weapon drawn, too. Dr. Burnett seems to know Alvin. He tells her to put her gun down. She tells him to go. He calls her “baby.” Aha! Of course. This would be the mean-tempered man that imparted in her an ability to empathize with another woman whose life has been made hell by another mean-tempered man. (Or mean-tempered, man-shaped machine. Same diff.) Alvin argues with Dr. Burnett about whether or not she should put the gun down. Apparently Alvin takes it too far when he calls her “crazy bitch,” which prompts her to not only refuse to put the gun down, but also shoot him with it.

Dr. Burnett runs to check on Alvin, as Derek moves to wake Sarah and let her know it’s time to go. Sarah calls Derek “Reese,” and Dr. Burnett gets a little confused about which Reese Derek is. As Sarah and Derek make their way out, Dr. Burnett wants to know if anything Sarah told her is true. Sarah says the part about being shot wasn’t BS.

Sarah and Derek are driving to the warehouse. Or what’s left of it. Alas – those plumes of smoke are all that’s left of its connection to Skynet.

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