Say Goodbye To Conan – Bring On Jimmy Fallon!

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Conan O’Brien is in his final week at 30 Rock as Jimmy Fallon gets ready to settle in and man the desk on Late Night. With Conan’s move off to L.A. and the Tonight Show, a seismic shift is rumbling in the prime-time-to-late-night schedule. Instead of being lost in the shuffle, Jay Leno takes the reins of his own new show airing weeknights at 10 PM starting in June.

Naturally Conan’s staffers are sorry to see him go and over this last week they’ll be airing some classic bits, like the one above, from throughout the show’s 16 year history.

But we’ve got plenty of classic clips from Conan’s illustrious career right here on Fancast. Here are some of the highlights:

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Our own blogging buddy Judah Friedlander explains why he is the World Champion of everything: he’s the Number 1 winner in pretty much every sport. Bowling with golf balls, throwing the hardest passes in Footbal and waterskiing faster than any boat have ensured his legacy for generations to come. We knew it all along.

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Rehearsals for the show are legendary and we get a rare glimpse behind the scenes as Robert Smigel prepares for his segment that night. As usual, everything goes wrong, which always makes for a better bit. Live and learn!

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We can’t leave Jimmy Fallon out, since his turn at Late Night is highly anticipated due to his built-in appeal with the all important 18-49 demo. But the clips from his late night blog are already proving he’s poised for a legendary run himself. Here he lets us in on the making of the show’s opening visual montage, shot on the glamorously gritty streets of New York City. Good Luck Jimmy!

Watch more clips from Late Night With Conan O’Brien and get ready for The Rise Of Jimmy Fallon.

We’ll be watching on Fancast.

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