Jennifer Love Says ‘Leave Jessica Alone,’ McG Tackles Demolition Race, Pinkett Smith To TV

Here’s the morning scoop:

Jennifer Love Hewitt wants you to leave Jessica Simpson alone, saying that she is tired of Hollywood’s unreasonable standards for women. “Not everybody can be super tall and super skinny,” she said to Us. “You have to look inside yourself and find your own confidence. It wavers from day to day, but that’s human nature.” Jen’s no stranger to the body image fits of the public, having been the target of a particularly nasty tabloid cellulite witch hunt back in 2007.

Alias may be long gone, but its stars are still in the spotlight. Michael Vartan has joined the cast of TNT’s new series Time Heals with Jada Pinkett Smith. The show is set inside a North Caroline nursing home, where Jada’s character is the nursing director and Vartan plays the director of medicine. Could there possibly be a Will Smith or Jennifer Garner guest role in the future?

Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation, and now a demolition derby? That’s the reality for film and TV director McG, whose credits include huge Hollywood blockbusters as well as TV series like Chuck. He’s executive producing Thunder Road, a reality competition that includes a race course, obstacles and demolition cars.

Don’t expect Octuplets-Mom to have a quality reality show any time soon. Famed reality producer, Mike Fleiss, wouldn’t touch the project with a 10-foot pole. “Yeah, don’t call me. It’s too radioactive,” he said. And this guy knows his stuff. He’s the brains behind series like The Bachelor and the mother of all reality shows, Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire. Throwing caution to the wind, however, TLC announced just last week they were in talks with Nadya Suleman about a possible new reality series.

Medium’s Patricia Arquette confided in the ladies of The View that she had been the victim of a Sacha Baron Cohen prank. The Borat and Bruno actor snuck into her set posing as an extra, but with an added twist: “They said [he] was Ben Silverman’s cousin, so everyone was scared of him. Like, what do we do? But it was Sacha Baron Cohen,” she said. Will his antics make it into an episode of Medium?

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