Heath Ledger’s Daughter Getting His Oscar, Bravo’s A-Listers Announced, Emmy Changes Its Tune

by | February 18, 2009 at 4:43 PM | 81st Academy Awards, The Ticker

What’s up this afternoon?

If Heath Ledger wins an Oscar this weekend for his role in Dark Knight, his daughter Matilda will be the actual recipient of the coveted award. This will no doubt create the biggest tear-jerker moment of the night.

Bravo’s A-list Awards nominees were announced, and the list includes Gossip Girl, Mad Men, The Office, 30 Rock and True Blood for best TV show. For a list of all other nominees, and to vote for your favorite, head over to Bravo.

The Emmys are going on a diet, as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is revamping the telecast to include less award categories on the air. Specifically, TV movies, variety shows and miniseries would probably bear the brunt of the change.

Dateline will delve into the world of models in reality shows on their February 22 episode. Young models will talk about “how their reality show dreams turned into a disaster after enlisting in a reality show that turned out to be anything but real.” This narrows it down to every single model reality show ever made.

Next season’s Biggest Loser will have an added twist: single contestants will be drawn from Men’s Fitness’ list of unhealthiest cities. “We’re going to study fattest cities in America, we’re going to try to cast in those cities and add things into those cities to help them change their ways and to get off that list.”