Millionaire Matchmaker: “Economy Hasn’t Hurt Business”

“I thought it would be a slower year because of the economy,” says Patti Stranger, the star of Bravo’s series ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker.’ “But business has never been better. I forgot what I was taught when I started out in this career – love is recession proof.”

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Sex is another matter. It has it’s ups and downs. On Wall Street, the action in the bedroom has followed the same downward trajectory as the Dow Jones, says Stranger.  “The men feel like they’ve lost their cojones when they aren’t making money,” she explains. “Thus far, though, L.A. and Miami aren’t affected. And I don’t hear a peep from clients out of Chicago either. Things are fine there.”

And women?

“Women are thriving,” she says. “We’ll work for less money. We don’t have pride when it comes to money. We can also multi-task better than men. We don’t whine and complain when we have to dress the kids, work, make dinner and breast feed. Men are the whiners – no more expense accounts? No more matrini? Women go, `Who cares? I don’t have time for that.’

In fact, Stranger says these are good times for women – but not necessarily for men. “Women are going to move in and take jobs. But if they’re out there making the money and their husband is out of work and sitting on the sofa eating Doritos, sex is out the window. They’ll quickly resent him, kick him out, and get a boy toy to pleasure them. Exactly like Madonna.”

She has tips for those affected by the economy.

  • “You don’t have to have money for romance.  Laughter is the key to success in love.”
  • “If you’re a couple, you must have date night.  Saturday at 7 is perfect.  Go for a walk, go bowling… it doesn’t have to be champagne and roses.”
  • “Men – you need to work out.  Lift weights.  You know how you want your women to look good?  They want you to look good too.”
  • “Women – get rid of the granny panties.  Wear a G-strong and put on a push-up bra.  Be fun and flirty.”

Stranger rarely takes on millionaire women as clients. However, she makes an exception for the first time in front of TV cameras on tomorrow night’s episode of ‘Matchmaker,” helping out Heidi, the CEO of a high-end fashion label called Young, Fabulous and Broke. “In general, millioniaresses are bitter, nasty, and they aren’t gorgeous like Heidi,” she explains. “They’re not the hotty pittoty in the corner.”

Watch Tips From Patti.

“Another reason I don’t like millionairesses is that they’re the ones in our business who sue,” she adds. “Men don’t want anyone knowing their dirty laundry. Men are easy – she doesn’t like me, move on. Women are emotional. They take their nastiness and disappointment to the streets.”

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