Battlestar Galactica: “Deadlock”

Adama comes upon Tyrol, who is spackling the cracks in the ship with that new-fangled Cylon bio-technology.

Caprica Six proceeds to the slums of Dogsville, where food rations are causing teensy riots amongst survivors. A handful of humans in particular – already twitchy from hunger and a general, “Oh crap, the last known planet has been nuked!” ennui – aren’t too pleased to see a Cylon in their midst. They decide to push Six around. And she pushes back. I’m not telling who wins, except to say that you shouldn’t make a pregnant woman mad. Especially not one who is half-robot.

Adama hovers as the ship repairs are underway – he really hopes that the newfangled Cylon technology will work.

Six is having an ultrasound. Baby Liam is fine. Tigh thinks Six should hang out in sick bay for the night, but she’d rather be home with Tigh.

A bogey raptor – one that was reported missing over a year ago – has been spotted amongst the fleet. Starbuck and her pals are deployed to get to the bottom of this. They determine that the inbound wayward vessel is being driven by a Sharon/Eight/Boomer/Whatever. Adama instructs Starbuck to bring it on in.

Adama, Lee, Starbuck, and Roslin gather in the landing bay to check out the new arrival. “Oh my gods!” says Roslin upon seeing Ellen disembark. This sentiment is echoed by the cartoon bubbles above everyone else’s heads, too. Adama orders Boomer be taken to the brig.

Tigh walks in with his mouth hanging about as wide open as his one good eye. He approaches Ellen. They smooch and hug as everyone else looks on. (Hopefully Six got all the kung fu out of her system after that initial run-in with the pushy humans at episode’s outset, because otherwise, this could get messy.) Adama tries to swallow the bile rising in his throat as he watches his man-crush, Tigh, give Ellen some serious face time.

Later, Ellen confers with Adama, Tigh, Lee and Roslin. She relays that Cavil wants to rebuild the Resurrection – and that she finds him to be really unbalanced. She starts to go into detail about how unbalanced Cavil is, and then realizes that these people are still trying to wrap their heads around the whole, “Oh, so she’s the final Cylon?” thing. “I’m still Ellen,” she insists. “Mmmm,” says Roslin. To prove she is still Ellen, Ellen requests liquor. Nothing fancy, like in a glass, on the rocks. A flask will do. Adama hands his over.

She asks to see the others, and plays the sympathy card. As Ellen points out, what if – instead of having fifty thousand fellow survivors, there were only five? She gets a little weepy. Which doesn’t seem to be swaying the flinty gazes of Adama and Roslin much.

Lee reports that Anders has a bit of a coma thing going on at the moment. Tigh tries to reassure Ellen by pointing out that Anders is not technically dead, either. She is adamant that she see the others. Tigh looks to Adama. Roslin looks to Adama. Adama looks to Ellen and tells her maybe. Roslin rolls her eyes and walks away.

The others follow suit – Adama last, casting a glance over his shoulder at his BFF fawning over his drunken, promiscuous, robot soulmate. She is all over him – only, there’s something he wants to tell her. Like, maybe, “Oh, by the way, after you died, I got involved with Caprica, who is now carrying my baby, and it’s the first Cylon baby made the old-fashioned way, and we’re really excited about it……” ??

Ellen wants to know if Tigh would like to have reunion sex on the floor, or the table. Eh. Maybe whatever it was he wanted to tell her can wait. Although for a split second, he sees Six’s face where Ellen’s should be. That same old, same old switcheroo. And then it’s Ellen again, and he’s fine with that. Pretty much either way, he winds up with a hot blonde.

Back at home, Six is in the midst of an ice cream orgy when she is overwhelmed by something labor pain-ish.

Baltar is back on home turf and spies on his followers from the wings for a moment. They seem to be mobilizing and adjusting to life without him. He pauses, and then enters the room with a bit of swagger. Some are happy to see him. Some – not so much. He wants to know what he missed. Uh, you know. Bad stuff. Rations being taken away. Realizing they’d been abandoned (according to Paula, who seems a bit bitter). Baltar thinks “abandoned” is a harsh word. “Abandoned by God,” Jean clarifies. But since there were a lot of dead guys clogging up the hallways, the innocent flock decided to scavenge the corpses for their weapons. As Paula is keen to demonstrate, they pack heat now. Jean points out that they’ve stockpiled a nice amount of food now, too. Baltar figures his leaving was maybe the best thing that could have happened to them! He taught them self-reliance! Paula isn’t buying what he’s selling, however. Six is soon whispering in Baltar’s ear that “the sheep have a new shepard.”

Back in the conference room, Ellen thanks Tigh for her “big welcome.” She wants to know who he’s been frakking while she’s been away. After thousands of years of marriage, she’s hip to his jive. He reluctantly admits he’s been pulling some Six. Ellen is kind of grossed out. They made the Sixes, after all. That’s kind of……gross, or incestuous, or something. He tries to reassure her by pointing out he would always picture her while he was rogering Six. Only this doesn’t reassure her.

Ellen wants to know if he’s still seeing Six? Um……well…..ahem…..

Adama is checking out how the repairs are going. A Six is spackling away.

The rest of the skinjob gang are gathered around Anders’ hospital bed. Ellen arrives and joins them, lovingly stroking the familiar faces. Six pipes up that they’ve been thinking. Specifically that they should go back to the basestar and jump away to somewhere else. Start a new life. Eight wants her to consider their offer. “Abandon the fleet?” Tigh asks. “That’s your offer?” Tory gets on her soapbox about the original 13th tribe. Ellen says that’s crazy talk, when everyone knows that Hera is the hope of the Cylon future. Er – not so fast. Tory is just dying to share about the new hope of the Cylon future. You know – Tigh and Six’s baby. They talk about how they can rebuild a pure Cylon race, and they’ll take Anders with them, and…….

Wait, wait, wait. Ellen wants them to back up to the part about how Six is pregnant. She has a Mia Farrow moment. Tyrol wants to talk about leaving for the basestar and maybe dealing with the rest of this stuff later. Tigh reminds them that Anders specifically said not to abandon the fleet. Ellen still wants to back up to the part about Six being pregnant. She and Tigh go at it like old times. Not in the reunion sex way. More like in the bickering Bickersons way.

Six says they have to be unanimous. The five can’t separate. They have to all be on board. Or none will be on board. With the plan, she means. They decide to vote on it. Majority rules.

Tyrol votes to leave. Tory – duh. Tyrol figures Anders made his wishes pretty clear – he would stay. Tigh wants to stay. Tory asks Ellen what her vote is. Shooting a withering look in Tigh’s general direction, she remarks that she hasn’t decided. Then she storms off – swing vote walking. Tigh chases after her.

Jean and Paula are taking Baltar on a tour of the new reality through Dogsville slums of Galactica. He passes Naia – and checks out her son. Who is named Gaius. After his father. Baltar is moved, and thinks they should share some of the stockpiled food with these poor hungry folk. Paula doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Baltar is suddenly an altruist, who doesn’t think the cute mini-Gaius, or any of the other poor children, should have to go hungry! He makes a stirring speech to the huddled masses about how he’ll make sure they don’t starve! Which earns him an appreciative hug from that babe Naia. And a withering glare from Paula.

Roslin catches up with Caprica Six walking along the corridor. She wants to congratulate her on the baby, and wonders if Ellen being back is a little weird? Plus she heard about the assault on Six, and she apologizes on behalf of the fleet. She then wants to reminisce a little bit about all those shared visions from way back when. Eh – Six hasn’t had any since she became pregnant. Which gives Roslin pause – is Six’s baby maybe Important, with a capitol “I”? Which Six misunderstands, and takes exception to Roslin suggesting that her baby wouldn’t be otherwise be important, and…..never mind.

Adama checks out the weird stuff which has sprouted within Galactica’s cracks.

Ellen decides to pay Six a housecall. Six looks rightfully freaked. A little more freaked when Ellen reveals that things have been quite the whirlwind since she arrived back, what with that reunion sex with Tigh, and……..Six is devastated by the news. Ooops – Ellen hadn’t realized that Six didn’t know about the reunion sex. Honest. Ellen thinks back to when she and Tigh were trying to have a baby, to no avail. He was really fond of the name Liam, as Ellen recalls. But – she decides to rise above it, and tell Six that she wins. Tigh clearly wants her.

Back in the slums of Dogville, Baltar is handing out the sect’s food rations to the masses. Paula tries to point out that the Marines already tried this, and the resulting riots weren’t pretty. Baltar imparts that by sharing, they will gain so much more, and yadda yadda. Till some brute walks up to Baltar and tells him to hand over the food supply. Baltar figures this would be a good time to back up all the loving God talk with some firearms, and he entreats Paula and Jean to illustrate. So the brute and his gang then illustrate how their guns are much, much bigger. So is their food stockpile, now, after having taken Baltar’s.

Tigh and Adama are sharing a drink in Adama’s quarters. A bit of their old giggling drunken manlove is rekindled, even though Adama seems slightly envious about Tigh’s ties with the final five. Then Adama changes the subject to that new-fangled goop that is being used to repair the ship. It’ll still be the Galactica on the outside, sure, but……

Baltar follows Paula back to their lair, arguing about the food rations. Six – or a reasonable facsimile thereof – is nearby to point out that Baltar didn’t want to be “king of the fools” anymore, anyway. But he isn’t really taking to life as a recently de-pedestal-ed minor deity. Six can’t believe he wanted to feed hungry people. Tell him about it. He can’t believe he enjoyed it. This pleases Six. Not far off, Paula is speaking in very animated fashion to the rest of the flock. Six isn’t sure she’s imparting them with hope, exactly. Baltar decides this would be as good a time as any to pull out some smooth-talking silver-tongued Baltar-isms against Paula’s “icy pragmatism.” To be fair, despite his own considerable rousing oratorical prowess, he does have some help from Six, who prompts him with a few choice phrases at the opportune moment, too. This wins over pretty much everyone. Everyone except Paula.

Adama is – yet again – nervously checking out the ship’s repair process.

Tigh meets Ellen. He tries to persuade her that Galactica needs the baseship. Which doesn’t prove to be the wisest angle to take with a woman newly scorned. She can’t believe Tigh would make love to her with a pregnant Six at home. Besides, as Ellen points out, it’s that damn Adama who needs the baseship. This pretty much blows her off that fence she was straddling. As if on cue, the others – Tory, Six, Tyrol – materialize. Tigh is confused. Ellen announces that she votes to leave for the baseship – and leave these frakkin’ deadweight humans behind. Tigh points out that leaving to establish a pure Cylon race won’t work. It led to disaster on Earth. And pure human doesn’t work, either. Can’t they all just get along?

Ellen insists that Tigh’s big ol’ man crush on Adama is what this is really about. Tigh’s response to the “majority rule” thing is “Frak that!” Tigh tells them all to go frak themselves. Including Six. Tigh isn’t going anywhere.

Except to sick bay. Six crumbles under the force of another massive premature labor pain.

In sick bay, Doc Cottle is administering oxygen to Six. Ellen is swearing that she only meant to hurt Tigh, not Six.

Adama is still nervously pacing as the ship’s repairs continue.

Tigh sits at Caprica’s bedside. Ellen coaches him to tell Six that he loves her and the baby. He makes a reasonably heartfelt yet still crusty speech about love.

Adama staring at the repaired cracks is starting to put me on edge.

Doc Cottle picks up signs of distress in the baby. Six pleads with him to cut the baby out and try to save him – even at her expense. Only Doc says it’s impossible – the baby wouldn’t survive at only four months. Ellen steps in to reassure Six that she is the one Tigh loves with all his crusty heart – and their love child is proof of that. Ellen offers to go away with the others, and Six and Tigh can stay on Galactica.

Only we hear the flatline from the baby monitor, and then Doc is saying he’s sorry, and Six is crying, and Ellen whisks Tigh out of the room.

Baltar stands before Adama, Lee, and Roslin. He relays the whole starving civilian situation. And how those starving civilians don’t have representation, and they have to just sit back and watch the Cylon work crews and Cylon new-fangled technology coursing through the frame of the ship. It’s only a matter of time before the Centurians join the love-in. He tells Adama, “I am offering you the last human solution you will ever be presented with.”

Somehow this leads to Baltar making like Santa Claus and presenting a big gift-wrapped locker filled with big honkin’ guns to his fold. Well, it’s not actually gift-wrapped, but besides that. He’s very “ask and you shall receive.” The flock – even Paula – agree that this is a beautiful philosophy, and they cock their weapons in a show of unity.

Cut to Tyrol, who stares at Boomer, who is sleeping in the brig.

Cut to Anders, whose monitor sudden spikes with some sort of brain activity.

Cut to Adama, who finds Tigh entering his quarters and needing a hug. “His name was Liam,” Tigh says. They cry in each other’s arms. I can’t make fun of their crusty manlove in this scene, because it’s just too damn sad.

Cut to Adama and Roslin strolling the corridors, and passing by the wall of the dead. Six is placing a picture there. Roslin didn’t know they had been commemorating the passing of their Cylon comrades alongside the fallen humans. She maybe feels like a little bit of a jerk now.

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