Andy Richter Moves With Conan, Sean Penn’s ‘Witch Hunt’, Megan Fox Dumps Terminator Star

This is your afternoon news scoop:

Andy Richter will reunite with Conan O’Brien when the late-night funnyman makes his move to the Tonight Show. He will be taking over announcing duties. “Andy is one of the funniest people I know and we’ve maintained a close friendship since he left “Late Night,” said O’Brien. “We have a proven chemistry that will be an incredible asset to “The Tonight Show.” I’m looking forward to working with Andy on a daily basis again, particularly since he owes me $300.”

Sean Penn’s documentary, ‘Witch Hunt’ will air on April 12th on MSNBC. The TV film follows the 1984 trial of parents who were wrongly accused of child molestation. The actor, who just received an Oscar for his portrayal of an an openly gay mayor who was brutally murdered, produced and narrates the series. Way to pick downers, Penn.

Starz has renewed Crash but with a few changes and cast exits: “We wanted to adjust the course, moving away from some of the police story arcs and focus more on other aspects of Los Angeles,” explained Starz VP, Stephan Shelanski. About half of the cast, including Dennis Hopper, will remain.

Terminator star Brian Austin Green has lost his standing as the luckiest guy in Hollywood – his engagement to film star Megan Fox has been…terminated. “The relationship had run its course,” said a source to about the split. The two had met in 2004 and were engaged in 2006.

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