Fringe Gets Picked Up & Moves, Americans Watching More TV, The Hills Are Back

Here’s your morning news round-up:

Good morning! Fringe is moving production to Canada AND was picked up for a second season. Why the sudden move? Warner Bros. says because of “this challenging and uncertain economic environment.”

Nielsen has found that Americans are watching more than 151 hours of TV content per month, whether on traditional sets, online or using a DVR. “The American fascination with television and other video content is not easing up, as consumers keep turning to TV, Internet and mobile at record levels,” said Nielsen’s vice chair said, in what’s likely the biggest Duh comment of the year.

It’s like The Jerry Springer Show. Except trashier and with 100 more babies and baby daddies. Radar online features a video that shows Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman arguing with her mother about her choice to keep all 8 of the in vitro test tube babies. “You had another choice,” says her mother, while Suleman looks on in all her fake, pouty-lipped anger. “You could have given them up for adoption.” Is this an attempt to get their own trashy reality show?

Last night’s trailer for the new season of The Hills promises lots of teary eyes, OMG faces, and Heidi and Spencer fighting over the perma-grinned one’s flirtations with a bartender. Cavorting with the commoners, Spencer? For shame.

The CW has officially greenlit Melrose Place and tapped Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim to direct. His other credits include An Inconvenient Truth, The Unit, 24, an upcoming Barack Obama biography, and…oh yeah, he’s OG Melrose Place-er Andrew Shue’s brother-in-law. What a convenient truth.

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