Introducing: Running in Heels’ Ashley Gosik

Meet Ashley Gosik, one of the three interns starring in Running in Heels, the Style Network’s new and trés enjoyable docu-reality series about the demands and pressures of working at Marie Claire magazine. The opening moments of the show aren’t exactly kind of Gosik, but without her the show wouldn’t work. We talked to Ashley and got the lowdown on what really goes on behind the scenes– and why she calls The Hills “trashy TV.”

Name: Ashley Gosik
Age: 22
Hometown: Ocala, FL
College: George Washington University
Major: B.A. Journalism
Favorite Designer: L.A.M.B.

On the rigors of working at a fashion mag…
I came into it thinking I knew it all. Boy was I wrong! I really truly learned so much. This is intern boot camp. I’ve interned for national magazines in the past and it’s been nothing like this. It was like an education in a sense.

On The Hills’ and Stylista’s realism…
Stylista was just unbearable. The same with The Hills and The City. I don’t really have the attention span to watch something so fake. It’s almost hard to watch. I think people who watch our show as opposed to The Hills will know this is a lot more real. They didn’t follow our relationship drama. It’s more about work and what we do with the magazine. When you watch The City or The Hills, I find it very hard to believe those girls are actually working. I think with our show you’re really going to see that we actually work. Girls our age actually do hold down jobs, and it’s not all about boys or all about drama.

On life after the internship…
I just moved [to NYC] and got an apartment with someone from Marie Claire. I’m trying to make it here. It’s just really hard right now with the economy. It’s no joke when there’s so many people jobless, especially in this industry. I’m just putting my resume out there, putting myself out there. So far nothing’s bit back, but we’ll see what happens. I’m definitely not going to give up.

On picking between editorial and fashion…
I came in thinking I wanted to work more in the editorial side but having worked more with fashion with the internship, I’ve kind of changed my mind a little bit. They’re both things that I love. A lot of people do both at Marie Claire. They work with fashion but also get to write blogs and posts and little things for the magazine.

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On working with Joanna Coles and Nina Garcia…
I had other internships before and they were the kind where you put your head down and didn’t really talk to the senior staff members. But in this case Joanna was really hands on. It was cool to shadow her. I got to do little things for Nina too. I had seen her on TV so I was a little star struck but she was really down to earth.

On running in heels…
It’s absolutely possible. I have mastered the art of running in heels at this point. Especially if you have the right shoes on…if they’re not crazy high or not cheap shoes that are going to break. It’s a good workout.

On who this show will appeal to…
I think it has a wide range. People might think it just appeals to women but I think men will get a kick out of it. Seeing the politics that goes into a magazine will be interesting to anyone. It’s not The Hills or The City… it’s not trashy TV. It has a wide range of appeal.

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