Sean Penn & Naomi Watts As Joseph and Valerie Plame Wilson

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You know you can see Academy Award Winner Sean Penn and Academy Award Nominee Naomi Watts starring together in 21 Grams right here on Fancast (see above). Now we’ve got news that they may be reuniting once again for Doug Liman’s Fair Game, which falls right in line with Penn’s political passions. He’d be playing Joseph Wilson, the husband of Valerie Plame Wilson, whom you may remember as the undercover CIA agent who was outed by the Bush Administration’s smear squad as political payback against Joe’s scathing indictment of Bush’s twisting of intelligence to “exaggerate the Iraqi threat.” Karl Rove called this maneuver “fair game,” and although Plame had her career destroyed by it, she co-opted that phrase for the title of her book, and now it’ll be the movie’s title as well. So not only is Plame milking a new career from Rove’s blurb, but Liman’s trying to Milk the film with Penn! Huzzah for phrase-turning!

Just for funsies, we must mention that this has absolutely nothing to do with 1995’s Fair Game, which features Cindy Crawford and Billy Baldwin groping each other in a boxcar.

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