Season Six Of ‘Project Runway’ Proving To Be a Bummer

It’s about as much of a tradition as anything can be at New York Fashion Week – shooting the finale of ‘Project Runway.’ However, this year, with the show embattled in a lawsuit, there’s absolutely no buzz around who is presenting in New York.

There’s nothing but excuses.

From the New York Times:

In previous seasons the first episodes of ‘Runway’ had been broadcast by the time the three finalists presented at Fashion Week, enabling the audience at Bryant Park to root for their favorite contestants and handicap the results of the final competition.

But on Friday the ‘Runway’ producers went to great lengths to conceal the identities of the finalists, lest future viewers feel that the show is spoiled by leaks. The finalists weren’t allowed to walk onstage and present their fashion collections publicly; instead the collections were shown anonymously.

“I’m a little bit sad for our designers, that they don’t get that recognition today,” Ms. Klum said. The introductions of the finalists were taped in advance.

In addition, all 16 contestants were expected to be backstage, making it more difficult for models or makeup artists to spot the finalists. Unlike in past years, reporters were prohibited from going into the area.

“I feel really bad” for the contestants, one audience member said as the lights were dimmed. “What a bummer,” a woman seated in the first row added.

Last April, the Weinstein Company, which produces the show, sold the rights to the series to Lifetime – after five seasons on NBC Universal’s Bravo channel. This forced NBC to sue for breach of contract. Currently ‘Project Runway’ has no home as a New York state judge has issued an injunction preventing Lifetime from promoting or broadcasting it.

Will it find a home? There is no doubt. Hopefully, for everyone’s sakes, this lawsuit will soon be over – because first ‘Runway’ needs for find it’s home before it can come into ours.

And a preview – for very few – of the finale in Bryant Park is just no good.

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