The ‘Greek’ Life: Andrew J. West and Amber Stevens

They co-star off camera and when Greek returns to ABC Family on March 30, fans will see real life couple Amber Stevens and her boyfriend Andrew West on-camera as well. West spoke about his five-episode run on the hit show and dropped a hint about his new project, Rockville, CA, while Stevens chimed in as they cuddled and looked impossibly attractive last Sunday at the 19th Annual Night of 100 Stars Oscar party at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Can you tell us about what’s coming up on Greek?

AS- Well it’s coming back on March 30th which is really exciting. It’s a whole new season with a lot of drama. There’s a new sorority on campus so there are some new problems that arise there. There are new and old love interests and more parties to look forward to.

What about your character?

AS – She’s the new sorority president so she’s kind of struggling with that and not really knowing how to be a leader. She starts to fall for a guy that comes to the house which is this guy (Andrew J. West). So she’s struggling with trying to be the leader of the house and also sleeping with the help. So it’s kind of funny.

So you’re the help?

AW – Yeah I play Fisher who is introduced to the ZBZ house (the sorority house). And I fall for this one.

Do you have any big guest stars coming on the show?

AS – Janeane Garofalo was on the show. That was pretty cool.

Are you guys still shooting?

AS – We’re done. We finished the season and we’re on hiatus until June. So we’re kind of just hanging out. The network picked up more episodes so we will be back to work.

What are you working on?

AW – With the lovely Alexandra Chando I’ve got a new web series coming out called Rockville CA on the on March 17th. It’s a show that Josh Schwartz of The OC and Gossip Girl created. And we play the two leads that hang out at an official rock club in east LA every night. It’s sort of a romantic comedy about the antics between her and I and about four other regulars.

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