Movie News Roundup: Matt Damon’s “Adjustment,” Cate Blanchett’s Maid Marion, Spielberg’s Honest Abe, Yogi Bear & More

Matt Damon is teaming up once more with George Nolfi, wrtier of The Bourne Ultimatum, but for a film in a very different vein. The Philip K. Dick vein, to be precise. They’re developing Nolfi’s directorial debut effort The Adjustment Bureau, which is to be an adaptation of Dick’s story The Adjustment Team, wherein a realtor discovers that the world is an artificial reality. Seems fairly Matrix-esque, although Wikipedia compares it to Dark City. Apropos of nothing, is anyone else hearing those radio commercials where the woman pronounces “realtor” as if it were the name of a He-Man character? “I am Real-Tor! You will pay for your crimes, Lipitor!” Perhaps that’s just me.

Cate Blanchett has just been confirmed to play Maid Marion opposite Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood in Ridley Scott’s adventure film, formerly entitled Nottingham. The latest word is comparing it to a Gladiator-styled version of the classic story of the thief who robbed from the rich to give to the poor and that, coupled with the name change, might mean that Brian Helgeland’s rewrite of the script has taken it away from the weird mindbender take on the story that Scott had spoken of previously, in which the Sheriff of Nottingham wasn’t such a bad guy and Crowe would be playing both him and Robin. We should probably stop guessing about this movie and just wait until they film something to show us. It changes drastically every time we hear about it.

There’s been some chatter that Steven Spielberg’s long-gestating film about Abraham Lincoln’s life was falling apart (and if Spielberg can’t keep a movie together, something’s wrong with the world), but his rep says that Lincoln is still on track to shoot later this year, after Tony Kushner finishes revising the script. So it looks like sometime in 2010, we’ll get to see Liam Neeson sporting the stache-less beard and stovepipe hat and dropping some emancipation on us all.

Journey to the Center of the Earth director Eric Brevig has stepped up to helm the upcoming Yogi Bear 3-D movie. Yes, that’s right. Yogi Bear in 3-D, with the Alvin and the Chipmunks style of live-action animation. We’ve heard about this before, and the potential imagery is disturbing.

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has signed on to do a brand new movie based on the Clue board game. Sure, he’s got Pirate cred, but there’s really no way he’ll top the 1985 original.

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