Privileged: All About A Brand New You

The CW announced it was renewing a bunch of its shows.  Privileged wasn’t on the list.  That means this is, in all probability, the series finale.  This show didn’t live up to the promise of its pilot.  But it was starting to find its voice.  I’ll miss it, in part because it was one of the few shows on television to deal with class issues. Interestingly, The CW’s synopsis of the episode includes a storyline about Megan’s family that must have ended up on the cutting room floor.

A month has passed since the prior episode. The twins are leading separate lives.  Sage claims not to be disturbed by Rose’s new independence.  In a case of convenient parallelism, they are reading Ibsen’s The Dollhouse.  Megan persuades her to take her report on the play seriously. Rose plans to bail on the twins’ annual trip to Aspen so she can go on a solo wilderness expedition. Rose and Zach are still going strong.  I just realized that Zach is played by Dave Franco, younger brother of James.  I predict Judd Apatow movies are in his future.  Sage accuses Rose of changing just to create a rift between them. Rose is determined to do the outward bound trip alone to prove her independence.  Zach admits he’s concerned she’ll change too much and dump him. Rose acknowledges it’s a possibility, but hopes they’ll make it work.

Will cancels his date with Megan, which has apparently been happening a lot. He blames his editor, David, who has been working him to the bone.  She meets him at the magazine for lunch.  She’s stressed because she’s behind on her book about Laurel.  Will suggests they skip lunch. Megan wonders if he’s avoiding her.  He assures her they’re fine, vowing to take her to St. Bart after the first issue comes out.  Megan shows Laurel her first 100 pages.  Will doesn’t want to redo all his work as David requests.  Megan tells him not to take his job for granted.  They argue again about her decision not to take the job at the magazine.  Megan reveals that David wasn’t going to hire both of them because they were dating.  She accuses him of being lazy because he’s had everything handed to him.  Saying he’s tired of apologizing for his background, he breaks up with her.  Will goes back to work.  He admits that David was right about him needing to redo everything.  David comments that Will is lucky because he’s talented even though he doesn’t need to be.

Marco and Keith meet with their overbearing wedding planner, Kathy Griffin.  Best stunt casting ever.  The two men are having a Jewish wedding. Why not?  They spar over wedding planning. Kathy puts them in check. Luis tells everyone his parents are coming to town and he won’t be able to cater the ceremony.  He admits to Sage he’s really bailing because he’s opposed to gay marriage. She is appalled.  When Sage tells Marco, he reveals that he already knew.  He tells her this doesn’t have to be the end of her relationship with Luis. She attempts to change Luis’s mind by showing him Milk.  Luis isn’t interested.

The gorgeous wedding goes off without a hitch.  At the reception, Laurel tells Megan she loves the book.  Megan tells her she broke up with Will, blaming her Type A personality.  Laurel suggests that she change if she’s unhappy.

Afterwards, Luis tells Sage he doesn’t like how they left things.   Sage realizes he truly isn’t interested in new experiences and breaks up with him for being close minded.  Rose comforts her.  Sage tells her she supports her wilderness trip.  She gives her oral report on The Dolls House, arguing that Nora is neither hero nor anti-hero.

Megan meets a cute British guy at the end of the reception.  She turns down his invitation to join him at the breakers.  The next day, Will calls Megan to apologize saying that she was right about the magazine.  He wants to get back together. She gets off the phone with him.  The cute British guy is in bed with her. Ruh roh!

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