‘Celebrity Apprentice’ No Roll Of The Dice

Andrew Dice Clay, the self-professed “biggest comic in history,” did not find his experience on The Celebrity Apprentice funny.

On the latest season of the competition reality show, which begins Sunday on NBC, the comedian apparently finds himself at odds with the show’s host. But the reasons were personal – not business

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According to a source close to Dice Clay, the trouble began at the start of the show’s first episode when Trump was greeting the new group of contestants, including Joan Rivers, Dennis Rodman, and Khloe Kardashian. “When he got to Dice, Trump said something like `What have you been up to Dice? Still putting down women?’” says the source, a comedy insider.

“That was like, pow! Dice was hit by an uncalled for fastball from Trump,” he continues. “It was tense. They went back and forth for a bit as Dice defended himself as his comedy. But Trump wouldn’t relent. He even repeated himself: `That’s what you do – put down women.’”

“At that point, Dice was done with the Apprentice,” adds the source. ‘Mentally, that was it. He thought he’d been mistreated.”

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First, Dice Clay and Trump have known each other and gotten along for years, says the source.

Secondly, the comic had apparently agreed to step into the show without much notice last fall after Heather Mills, Sir Paul McCartney’s ex, was reportedly fired. According to a report in The Sun, she wanted to be guaranteed a spot in the finals. The office word ended up being that Mills didn’t make the final cut. “There are no deals about who will make the finals,” Access Hollywood reported. “Trump fires whomever he wants to.”

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Following the opening tiff with Trump, Dice Clay reputedly lost interest, and didn’t want to answer the next day’s early call time. “The last thing in a comedian’s vocabulary are the words `bright and early,’ says the source, adding that Dice Clay sent word that he needed an extra hour of sleep. He also refused to wear a chef’s hat when his team hit the New York City streets to . “The producers were angry,” says the source, “but the last thing Dice cared about at that point was helping Trump get ratings.”

As for his fate on the show, let’s just say it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature or Donald Trump.

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