Sci Fi Tracker: The Week in Sci Fi

The fate of sci fi television covered the gamut this week. Some shows are new, some renewed. One show is preparing to go out with a bang in its series finale. Another show is preparing to go out with a bang at the season finale….which may also be its series finale, if you listen to the naysayers.

Plus Trek‘s Kahn in diapers? Sort of.

Stewie Sets His Phaser To ‘Hilarious’…..

The announcement that the Family Guy’s Griffin gang will be venturing into the final frontier – or a Trekkie convention, at any rate – next month has garnered enthusiasm amongst fans of both shows. In the ep, an animated Patrick Stewart, Levar Burton, Brent Spiner and other hallowed Star Trek alumni will all get teleported to Stewie’s bedroom, having incurred the wrath of Stewie after he’s thwarted from posing a question at the convention. It seems fitting, because who is Stewie if not Khan in diapers? (You can of course watch Stewie’s repeated attempted to rule the universe right here on Fancast…..

In Case You Were Wondering What Happens When You Introduce Lou Diamond Phillips To The Business End of A Wormhole……

Generating a more mixed bag of “Wow…” and “Wha…?” was the announcement about those final casting decisions for Stargate Universe. Yes, Ritchie Valens and Dr. Jing-Mei Chen are getting chucked through the portal with Begbie. (Or, that’s Lou Diamond Phillips and Ming-Na Wen and Robert Carlyle, if you’re more partial to their Earthbound names. ) It does conjure an image of Valens playing some dive as Begbie kicks off a bar fight, with Dr. Chen stitching up the head-butt-induced wounds afterward. Should be…..interesting?

Josh Friedman Terminates Suspense About The Back Half of Season Two

Sadly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is not even entirely appeasing its true believers with its post-mid-season-hiatus episodes, if the increasingly grim ratings are any indication. And, “I hear you. Mostly,” was creator Josh Friedman’s blogged response to all the brouhaha. In fact, in his post, the normally revelation-repelling Friedman brings out the big guns and tells us exactly what’s going down in the remainder of the season. Or nearly. Amongst the jaw-dropping laundry list of payoff promises, he includes, “a faceoff between Sarah Connor and Catherine Weaver” and “the death of a loved one; the death of a loved one; the death of a loved one.”

Come on, guys. If that doesn’t get you on board, I don’t know what will.

CW Reaps Sci Fi Success

Reaper is cutting a path through hiatus-ville toward brand new episodes, which premiere next Tuesday. And Smallville and Supernatural will be permitted to battle Luther and Lilith respectively for another season. Both have been granted another season.

Friday Night Frenzy

Battlestar heads into its final four eps. In tonight’s installment, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” the Sci Fi Channel teaser indicates that Starbuck has a “shattering realization” about her destiny. (Well…..yeah. Discovering there’s more than one version of you walking around rarely ends with a quiet, low-key sort of realization.)

Over on Fox, Dollhouse will dish out the doo wops as Echo goes undercover as a backup singer and protects a pop star from an obsessed fan in “Stage Fright.” Although apparently obsessed fans aren’t proving to be as formidable an obstacle for the show itself.

Tonight’s Terminator episode promises, “Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep.” (That would be the title, not some Fox executive’s note to self regarding the show’s ratings.) In the episode, Sarah checks into a sleep disorder clinic….which may be just another Skynet front for illicit brainwave-tampering shennanigans. Brainwave tampering and Cameron enacting the ultimate snack vending machine revenge?

Happy viewing.

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