Julianne Hough Dancing Again To Be With Boyfriend

She’s a little bit country. But she’s a little more of a dancer.

That explains in part why Julianne Hough is returning for another season of Dancing with the Stars. But as DWTS fans know, the two-time winner announced she was taking it off to work on her music.  So what’s the real reason for her change of mind?

It’s her boyfriend, Chuck Wicks. “It was a last minute deal,” she explained on her My Space celebrity blog. “I was set on taking this season off and then last minute the show asked me to do it because they had asked Chuck to do it and they thought it would be cool if we danced together.”

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So call it a change of heart.

“At first I still said no because I wanted to focus on my music,” she continued. “But then I thought about it for a day and figured this out. I can still write, go on tour and work on Julianne Hough the country singer because Chuck will be my partner and that will be a huge luxury.”

And how are she and Wicks doing as they practice for the show, which returns next Monday, March 9?

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“It has been so much fun and really hilarious to see Chuck try to dance,” she said. “Even thinking about it is funny! He is actually doing very well though. I was really surprised!”

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