Gertz, Reeser Join Entourage, Jimmy Fallon’s A Hit, Sharon Osbourne Sued, No Doubt Gossips, And More

Nadya Suleman Fears Oprah: Octomom blogs for, telling the online portal that her first batch of kids is now attacking her. She also imparts that she’s afraid of Oprah. “I fear her judgement + point of view more than other peoples opinion,” she writes. And get this: Her awkward blog was written out on notebook paper and posted as a PDF.

Late Night: Critics may not have been kind to him (“he looked like a deer caught in headlights,” wrote Nikki Finke), but Jimmy Fallon’s premiere was off to a good start, and included a purposely awkward Robert DeNiro appearance and Justin Timberlake’s dead-on impersonation of John Mayer. Check out our own review on Fancast.

Gwen Stefani To Gossip Girl: No Doubt will be reuniting for the May 11 episode of Gossip Girl, which also marks the premiere of the show’s 1980’s spin-off. The band will be playing Adam and the Ants’ “Stand and Deliver.” But will they play themselves or a fictional punk-pop-ska band of the 80’s of yore?

New Member of the Entourage: There’s two new Entourage additions, with Jami Gertz and Autumn Reeser joining the series. Gertz will take on the role of Andrew Kline’s wife, while Reeser will play a new junior agent who will undoubtedly get under Ari’s caffeinated nerves.

Sharon Osbourne Sued For Attack: Rock of Love and Charm School alum Megan Hauserman has sued Sharon Osbourne over an altercation that took place during the Charm School reunion. During the mele, the dimwitted blonde’s snarky comments against Sharon’s hubby, Ozzie, caused the Osbourne to throw a drink at and lunge at her. The legal complaint alleges battery, negligence and emotional distress.

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