Jerry Seinfeld Gives Conan Tips About Living In L.A.

by | March 3, 2009 at 12:39 PM | Celebrities

What with Jimmy Fallon making a very smooth transition in his old job, Conan O’Brien could use a few tips about what to expect when he hits the stage in his new gig as host of The Tonight Show.

New York native Jerry Seinfeld, who spent 9 years in La La land with a little show of his own (perhaps you caught it, a show about nothing and self-titled “Seinfeld“) gives Conan some pointers. Using a clip from “some show” he found surfing the tube, he alerts Conan to the subtle differences between the right and left coasts. Who knew that a Vespa scooter could take your eyes away from a pair of bodacious blondes, or that some people of color still have trouble getting served at the lunch counter?

Check out the clip above for some really inside info, and watch more clips of classic Conan before he takes over the new job in June.