Meet The Next Bachelorette: Jillian Harris

After finishing third and being sent home by Jason Mesnick on “The Bachelor,” 29-year-old Vancouver native Jillian Harris has agreed to take her own shot at finding love on the next version of “The Bachelorette.”

The news was announced on the Tuesday night airing of “The Bachelor: After The Rose” (the second such special) where we also learned that Jason Mesnick and Molly are still going strong after six weeks. Mesnick went on to say that Molly “is his best friend” and that the happy couple is “totally in love.” Molly confirmed she is moving to Jason’s hometown of Seattle, Washington.

Just to catch everyone up, Jason picked Melissa in the two-hour season finale, but then broke up with her on the first “After the Rose” special and asked runner-up Molly for another chance. Looks like Jillian might have dodged a bullet by finishing third and not having to deal with the last minute shenanigans Molly and Melissa went through.

ABC has got to be hoping lightning strikes twice, as this edition of “The Bachelor” had the show’s best ratings in six years and breathed new life into the franchise. “The Bachelorette” will premiere May 18th on ABC.

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