‘The Bachelor’ Blindsides Beauties

Jason Mesnick pulled the old switcheroo on the much-hyped season finale of “The Bachelor.”

She didn’t get the final rose, or the ring, but it was Molly Malaney who walked off with “The Bachelor” in the end.

In the most dramatic, historic, shocking finale ever, Mesnick, a 32-year-old single dad from Seattle, first picked Melissa Rycroft over Molly…and then—gasp—changed his mind!

We knew things were taking a turn for the worse for Melissa when she said, “I’ve always been the dumpee.” Dun, dun, dun: foreshadowing!

But on the big decision day, it’s Molly who gets the sad puppy eyes and the “I can’t believe I’m going to let you go” line.

After Jason “wishes he had some good reasons”–but fails to come up with a single one–Molly lays into him with, “I think you’ve made a mistake. A big one.” Dun, dun, dun: foreshadowing!

To his credit, Jason does bawl on the balcony (in footage shamelessly edited by ABC to look like this was the result of DeAnna Pappas’ totally anti-climatic and boring visit).

Then Melissa appears and, in between all her squealing with delight, Jason proposes to her on bended knee. They claim to be the “happiest girl in the world” and the “happiest man in the universe.”

For about five minutes.

The scene was jarring. One minute Jason and Melissa were jumping in a pool as his adorably tuxedoed three-year-old son Ty came running on screen. The next minute, in the “After the Final Rose” special that followed the finale, Jason sat grim faced, stuttering something about not living with regrets.

Six weeks had passed between the proposal and the reunion, and one could only wonder, what the heck did Melissa do?

As Jason dumped the unsuspecting 25 year old in front of America, he explained, “We’re not right for each other. We spent a lot of time together [on the show]…and since then, the chemistry has been completely different.”

This is when it gets really good. Melissa begins to speak of herself in the third person for no apparent reason. “You don’t want to fight for Melissa. You are such a bastard.” For the record, she gave the ring back.

Jason admits what he did to Melissa was “horrible”…as he was trying to woo back Molly.

For her part, Molly looks truly stunned when Jason reveals he’s ended things with the other one. After some awkward pauses and blank stares–Is this real?!–Molly says, “My feelings never went away…but we have a lot to talk about. I’m blown away right now.”

And so is host Chris Harrison, who is giddy to remind us the swap is a “Bachelor” first. Considering the previous “Bachelor’s” track records, that is shocking.

Don’t forget to attend ABC’s after-after party, as another special airs Tuesday at 10pm.

What do you think? Did Jason make the right choice? The first time…or the second time?

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