“This Is Spinal Tap” Kicks Off Unplugged Reunion Tour

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Twenty five years to the day they last toured the world, Nigel Tufnel, Derek Smalls and David St. Hubbins announced they will be returning to the stage for a reunion of Spinal Tap, the world’s loudest – and lousiest – Rock band.

The power trio’s alter egos, Harry Shearer, Christopher Guest and Michael McKean promise to revisit their golden days, albeit with a stripped down, acoustic version. As for after-show antics, “we’re gonna hire people to destroy hotel rooms for us,” Shearer stated. But they’ll be playing all the music themselves.

It’s been too long a time since the boys were back in town, but they’ve kept themselves busy with many other projects. Harry Sherarer has been a voice actor on The Simpsons for most of that time, snaring the top dough maker spot, but Guest and McKean have not been slouching by any means. In between stints on Saturday Night Live and Laverne And Shirley, the team has been responsible for advancing the “mockumentary” genre that This Is Spinal Tap started, creating the spoof film series that includes Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, For your Consideration and A Mighty Wind.

In addition to the international tour, which kicks off April 17 in Vancouver, the band will be releasing an album of Spinal Tap material, old and new, on May 26. And who knows, if things go well, there might even be a reality TV series in the works someday, hopefully directed by Rob Reiner.

But fans of the classic group will surely be demanding the boys leave the acoustic guitars behind and plug into those amps that go “all the way to 11” on the volume knob. Take that Jonas Brothers!

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