Interview: The Osbournes Talk About Their New Fox Variety Series Coming To Fox March 31

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Just in time for spring break, the Osbournes– Sharon, Ozzy, Jack and Kelly – are headed to prime time. Fox announced the variety show starring the rock’s first family will debut Tuesday, March 31, in the 9 pm timeslot.

The show, titled “Osbournes: Reloaded,” is being billed as an anything goes hour “unlike anything else” on television. “It’s brilliant, ” Kelly told Fancast. “It’s going to be like what the eff is this?”

Ozzy was a bit more circumspect, as only Ozzy can be. “I saw 42 years of my career in rock and roll going out the window,” he said. “I had arguments with everyone. But now, you know, it’s good fun.”

It sounds like one of those ideas where when producers don’t know exactly what to do, they do everything. “It’s unpredictable,” admitted Sharon.

“Sometimes we don’t even know what we’re doing,” added Kelly.

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According to the network, the show will feature “audience interaction, rowdy comedy and hilarious stunts that will shock and amuse. Outrageous sensibility and brash humor are at the core of the series filmed on location and in front of a studio audience that never knows what to expect from the First Family of Rock.”

“Whether it’s Sharon unveiling a stripping grandmother, Kelly and Jack bringing an unsuspecting playboy face-to-face with his ex-girlfriends or Ozzy soaking the entire studio audience with foam – TV’s most outrageous family is guaranteed to rock the house.

“The series will also venture off-stage with recurring segments including “Osbourne in the USA,” where members of the family go to work in places such as a fast-food drive-thru; “Osbournes Meet the Osbournes,” where the family goes cross-country and lives with other Osbourne families; and the “Littlest Osbournes,” where pint-size, potty-mouthed versions of Sharon and Ozzy recreate moments from their early days…in all their four-letter glory.”

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