Good Morning America Goes Big, Gets U2

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Starting on Monday, March 9, Good Morning America anchors Diane Sawyer, Robin Roberts, Chris Cuomo and Sam Champion will bring the coolest and biggest things on the planet into your livingroom when the series launches its BIG episodes. The anchors will report from a surprise location around the world each day. The show will preview its new series this Friday, when the BIGGEST band in the world, U2, visits the set.

Chris and Sam took time out of their very busy day to talk to Fancast about this super cool event.

What can we expect tomorrow when U2 rocks out on GMA?
Are you kidding me? You can’t even say the biggest band, the biggest entertainment group in the world. They are so hot that NY is naming streets after them right now and when they do the crowds are impossible to get through. They’re incredible and when we got the opportunity to bring this to television, are you kidding me? This is going to be phenomenal!

What was the first thing that went through your mind when you found out that U2 was going to be stopping by?
Sam: Well we immediately started texting each other because it came to us in an e-mail that everything had worked out. We were immediately like wow this is great! All of us were e-mailing each other.

Chris: And then I ran out and got as much U2 paraphernalia I could find to get signed so I can sell it on EBay [laughing].

Have you guys had U2 on before?
No, not in this way.

Which U2 song do you like to sing? And sing the best?
Sam: First of all don’t ask Chris what he sings the best. He doesn’t sing anything well. But he will tell you that he does and he will probably try. Unfortunately he’ll keep singing all day and I’ll have to hear it so please don’t start this. The answer to your question is Beautiful Day is mine.

Chris: I’m going with Sunday Bloody Sunday. To be honest, I don’t know how you pick one. They have totally different phases and incarnations. That’s what makes them special is their ability to make music time and time again that distinguishes itself. It’s kind of like saying what’s your favorite Led Zeppelin song or Rolling Stones song. It’s tough. That’s why they are great bands. The work is so even and over so many years.

Who in the band do you most identify with and why?
Chris: I played the drums as a kid and I think Larry Mullen Jr. has been somewhat of an unrecognized jewel in that band. He has incredible energy. Everybody knows The Edge and Bono but he’s a special guy.

Sam: And for me, what Bono does for the environment, the causes he takes up, the people that will follow him when he takes on a cause. That’s just amazing to me. That someone would take time, and a lot of time, to front causes like that. That’s’ an amazing thing to me.

What are your BIGGEST, most memorable moments on the show?
Sam: I’m being directed to tell you the time I dropped off the building but that’s the moment I try to forget the most.

Chris: Maybe in a little way because this is a tough question to answer but the day they brought the Hemi Challenger here from the car show. The Dodge Hemi Challenger. That was such a cool thing. Maybe it’s just a guy thing. But you know before we got on the show we were like everybody else. You see things like this will be coming next year. But on the show we often get to give the audience an advanced glimpse at things that are going to be coming out but you can’t get them yet. Now I get them on the show and when that car came out, and Sam was with me. That was so fun. It was one of those moments like an ah-ha moment. I’ve been reporting the news for years so that kind of stuff I’m used to. But access to cool stuff like that when I can actually sit there and start it. That was awesome.

Sam: He’s really not kidding by the way. For me it really blew my mind that the first month we were here to be standing just on the outside of the artic circle to broadcast live. I thought it can’t get any better than this. But it has. I’ve had the opportunity to go places all over the world that I would have never gotten to see and to experience. To see their issues and their problems and to learn things about them and meet the people. It’s a continual thing for me.

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