Interview: Malin Akerman on The Silk Spectre, Sex and Why Women Will Like “Watchmen”

by | March 5, 2009 at 10:36 PM | Comic Book Movies, The Movies

Superhero teams are often a boys club, and Watchmen is no exception. As the main female voice in the film, The Silk Spectre brings a very crucial element of antagonism towards “the lifestyle” of the costumed vigilante, and she winds up having to try and convince the most powerful being in the world to deign to save humanity. Not to mention the fact that she’s part of a full-on super-sex scene that really pushes the boundaries of what can happen in this genre. Malin Akerman gives us the behind-the-scenes details of why she went for the full-frontal and what we’ll have to wait to see on the DVD director’s cut.


On the sex scene: The end result is beautiful. It’s classily done, it’s really sexy and amazing. For me, when I read a script, I’m checking it out to see if it it’s gratuitious or not, but I feel like this is such a beautiful scene. The set was amazing, and they made it as comfortable as possible. You know, sitting there half-naked is never the most comfortable thing no matter who you’re with, unless it’s your husband. It’s a big deal in a sense, but also this whole film is the extent of where you go with human nature, and that’s part of what we do as people. You fall in love and you make love and if it’s done classily and beautifully, I’m in.

On the costume: You dread it more and more every day. The first day, it’s exciting and it’s fun, and by the end of it you just want to burn the thing. In many different ways, they were all uncomfortable. Mine was made out of latex. It’s always freezing, and they were always hot because they had the foam. It would have been [difficult to go to the bathroom], but I figured out the ‘slide to the side’ technique, because there’s no other way. Sorry to get so graphic, but it’s a graphic novel.

On what didn’t make the theatrical cut: We were so meticulous with all the details. One scene [that didn't make it] was when the detective comes to me, they’ve captured me and are asking questions about Dr. Manhattan because he’s now disappeared, and I play roughhouse with him a little bit and escape. A really cool scene with a little bit of fighting involved. It was a really great scene, but it didn’t make it in because it wasn’t as pertinent to the rest of the film as the other scenes were. Then there’s one on the rooftop when we were escaping the jail that’s not in there.

On why women should like the film: Maybe I’m not a typical chick, I don’t know. I really enjoy this. I’m usually not big on violence, to be honest with you, but it’s not a movie where the violence is just to be violent. There’s actually an amazing storyline that goes through it. It’s really cerebral and intellectual. If you can get over the violence of it, which is quite beautifully done, it’s just like a piece of artwork. Just a more violent piece of artwork. And there’s the romance in it as well. There’s something about it that just grabs you in a different way, and I think a wide range of audiences will appreciate it.