Best Of The Comments: The Bachelor Hullabaloo

Alright, it’s been a BIG week in Bachelor news, and a lot of you have been very opinionated – and have been raising plenty of questions – about Jason’s choice to drop Melissa in favor of Molly on Monday night’s shocking final rose ceremony.

Despite it being the highest rated Bachelor finale ever, it seems like most people were disappointed in the way ABC chose to end the season, and many have confessed that they’ll never watch it again. Some of you, however, wish Jason all the best and believe that he truly made the best decision for his son, Ty.

Just in time for the end of the week, lets take a look at some of the best comments you’ve all thrown in the mix:

Kimberlee said:

“Would someone please explain to me why Melissa couldn’t keep the ring…he’s the one who broke it off!”

Christy said:

“I am very proud of Jason to follow his heart and soul. I didn’t think he was comfortable with his decision when I watched the Final Rose eposide. When he put Molly in the limo and walked away, I felt he made a very big mistake but I don’t think he truly realized it until time went on. Jason you are with your true Soul Mate.”

elaine sy said:

“saying sorry doesnt cut it. the bottom line is that he was a dog!!!! such a big decision should not be taken into lightly specially if you will hurt somebody, and made a fool of yourself as well. am an avid fan of the bachelor/bachelorette. and he ruined it for me! because of what he went thru on the bachelorette, he knows how it feels to be on the other side. and yet, he did way worse than what Deanna did to him- he did not just humiliate Melissa and himself, he also made us fans lose our loyalty to the show. for me, he should not have been given the chance to be a bachelor at all. being in love is never an excuse to lose self respect and dignity.”

Pam said:

“I thought Jason was all about “NO REGRETS” He is a nob! ABC knew exactly that they were doing. Melissa should at least been able to keep the ring so she could sell it and make some money.”

Cindy B. said:

“I will never watch the show again!! I believe it was all staged and even if it wasn’t…….how could a man ask a woman to marry him….say I love you 3 times and then change his mind?? If he was not sure he should have given the ring back to the show!!! Now that Jason….is REAL integrity! And I hope to God that no other Bachelor/Bachelorette show involves another innocent child!”

Carole said:

“I wonder if all of you who hate Jason for not marrying Melissa are married yourselves? Of course he did the right thing. He has a son to think of. What would that have done to him if he married Melissa just to make good his promise and then broke up later, as they surely would have. You people need to get a grip on life. As for the ring, he did not buy that ring for Melissa; that was part of the program’s budget. I doubt he cared whether or not she kept the ring, but it could have been a management decision to relinquish the ring. He absolutely did the right thing. It is much more important to feel good about the relationship when you are talking marriage than to go into such a commitment unhappy! My gosh, just think of what you would do in that situation!”

luci said:

“I thought I was watching Hope Floats. LOL”

glo said:

“Does anyone remember when Jason got down on his knee to propose to Deanna? He asked her how she could let him do this if she knew he wasn’t the one. So how could he think of humiliating someone else in the same way? He is a jerk, and if anyone thinks this union will last….I have some swamp land lol. Go Trista and Ryan, the only true success story of this really dumb concept.”

Colleen said:

“Why aren’t people up in arms when they break up down the line? It’s not popular to run out at the wedding, but it sure would be cheaper monetarily and emotionally than the divorce where you tell everyone you knew you shouldn’t have gone through with it but did anyway.”

todd said:

“I think he should hook up with bikini girl from american idol. lol”

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