Sci Fi Tracker: This Week in Sci Fi – The Tardis Gets Trendied Up, Reaper Gets Reamed, and More!

March is here, and with that first crisp whiff of spring comes tidings of casting news for new series, and bad news for more existing series. Plus – will Lex Luthor torment Smallville once again? Only his hairdresser knows for sure…..

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Reaper Reamed By Reality TV

Reaper apparently failed to reap big rewards for its second season return, having lost 40% of its audience compared to its season one debut – though in its defense, it went toe to toe with American Idol and The Biggest Loser this time. Forget the crucifix and devout faith – clearly Satan is best repelled by warbling and weigh-ins.

Are Chameleon Circuits The New Black?

Matt Smith commandeering the Tardis is not the only change afoot at Doctor Who. Seems the Tardis’ interior will be regenerating, too. As the Daily Mirror reported, whilst the familiar old phone box exterior remains the same, the interior is getting a “high tech” and “intricate” makeover. (That would have made for one hell of an HGTV episode, huh?)

Speaking of the Doctor, Julie Gardner – whom we have to thank at least in part for reviving that series – has been promoted to executive producer at BBC Worldwide America.

Forget Suburbia……Family Guy Is All About Deep Space.

Last week, we learned that Family Guy had big plans for Stewie and teleportation via a Trek convention inspired episode. This week brings news that the Griffin gang will complete their Star Wars trilogy with spoofs of “Empire Strikes Back” and ” Return Of The Jedi,” with the Empire parody set to air this fall.

Harper’s Island: Like Survivor, If The Competitive Vibe Were Cranked Up One More Notch?

Check out Sci Fi Wire’s interview with Elaine Cassidy and Christopher Gorham, stars of the upcoming horror serial Harper’s Island, a fictional whodunnit in which residents of an island are killed off one by one – without the benefit of immunity challenges.

Summer Glau To Make Big Splash on Big Bang

Beyond tonight’s riveting Terminator episode, Summer Glau will be terminating Howard’s hormones in Monday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory. Check out the sneak peek photos of Summer’s appearance as posted at Sarah Connor Society.

Comings, and Goings, and Coming Backs

On V, Scott Wolf (Party of Five) has been cast as the lead – an ambitious reporter who becomes an alien mouthpiece. Well, better the mouthpiece than the meal – those lizards were carnivores, if memory serves. Plus Morris Chetnut (The Best Man) will play a boyfriend with a “dark secret.” The “I swallow rodents whole” kind. Which is one way to put the lesser sort of boyfriend offenses, like lying and cheating, into perspective.

On the wrong side of the “out with the old, in with the new” equation, ABC’s Life on Mars has been canceled. To soothe fans, ‘Mars’ is at least being allowed a proper finale. And if you’re really craving more time traveling cops, BBC America (which offered up the original Life on Mars) trots out its sequel, Ashes to Ashes, this Saturday. This time, a lady cop lands in the 80s. If the Thatcherism doesn’t grab you, at least tune in for those white zipper jackets and matching boots.

And will Lex Luthor return to Smallville? In a wig, maybe, according to a story on Slice of Sci Fi. Stay tuned….

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