Battlestar Galactica: “Islanded in a Stream of Stars”

There’s a smackdown brewing between the human welders and the Cylon welders. They argue about the new-fangled Cylon goo. It smells like a toilet, complain the humans! We thought that awful smell was coming from you guys, say the Cylons! A spare Eight drags a spare Six away before she turns a particularly lippy human into more goo. The pulverized kind.

Ellen thinks John’s plan is to take Hera to the colony and study her. (Ahhhhhhh. So I totally misinterpreted the end of last episode? Boomer didn’t fly into the side of the Galactica? That was just some incidental collateral damage? She and Hera aren’t dead? OK. I’ve recalibrated. Onward.) Tigh says Ellen knows where the colony is. Starbuck thinks they’re gonna dissect Hera like a lab rat. Lee doesn’t like the idea of flying into the hornet’s nest in pursuit of some kid. Ah, but it’s not just some kid, says Starbuck. Hera composes weird, freaky sheet music that hearkens back thousands of years! She is their destiny!

Adama has had it to here with all that damn destiny talk.

Tigh wants a recon bird to go poke around in the general vicinity of where the colony ought to be. Adama relents. So long as Helo and Athena don’t find out.

Speaking of…….Helo figures Athena must be pretty torked that he banged Boomer right before she abducted their kid. Athena refuses to tell Helo she hates him. But she doesn’t say she doesn’t hate him, either. There’s a whole lotta cold shoulder going on.

Another one of those weird shared vision dream thingies is underway. Awww, there’s Hera frolicking! And then she’s being taken by Six! Athena sees it. Six sees it. Roslin sees it.

Adama sits at Roslin’s bedside. She starts to tell him about her dream. But the ship begins quaking in that “the end is nigh” sort of way.

A few welders start getting sucked out the hole in the side of Galactica. In their case, the end is a lot closer than nigh.

In sick bay, Tigh asks Doc Cottle what the tally is. 61 dead or missing, it turns out. Meanwhile, one of the welders is briefing Adama about Galactica’s condition. There are maybe five jumps left in the old girl. At least he’s 90% sure that’s the case. Tigh tells him to come back when he’s 100% sure, godssdamn it!

Roslin, convalescing nearby, tells Adama it must be tough saying goodbye to both his women at once. She starts to have another vision.

Meanwhile, Lee’s facing the new quorum. They can’t believe there’s talk of transferring to the Cylon base star! What next – start marrying the Cylons and having babies with them?! Oh, wait……some of them have already done that. Lee tries to point out that the base star would be under Adama’s command, but that doesn’t soothe anyone. Caprica Six chiming in about how they’ll abide by Adama’s command just sounds like more poppycock to the angry crowd. Then one representative calls dibs on Galactica’s remaining CO2 and particulate scrubbers. Which sparks a feeding frenzy, because the other reps didn’t realize it wasn’t too soon to start calling dibs on stuff. Lee freaks out. He’s not about to let people start picking the meat off the bones of Galactica’s skeletal remains. Not yet! Not till Dad says so! Some other guy thinks Baltar will view the matter differently.

Baltar? What the frak? Lee isn’t clear on how Baltar even factors into this.

Cut to a radio broadcast of Batlar talking crazy about angels being amongst them. Starbuck listens in at the bar, and is kind of moved. She still doesn’t know what the frak she is, exactly.

Baltar spews more about seeing angels as he stares at his own personal hallucinatory copy of Six. He concludes his broadcast by wishing everyone a beautiful day. (Was the cult stashing some ludes and other meds, in and amongst the food rations?) He then sees a very real Caprica Six and rushes to her side. He offers condolences for her loss. And then he oversteps his bounds and offers her a place to stay. She doesn’t want any part of his lousy harem. She gives him the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech. But the idea that it IS him, really, is heavily implied. He cries as she storms off.

Tigh and Cottle confer in sick day. An Eight wants to thank Tigh for introducing her to her father. Aw, shucks. He figures since he spent most of his life trying to kill Cylons, he doesn’t really deserve much thanks. She stops thanking him, and flatlines instead.

Boomer is flying her getaway bird as Hera cries for her mommy. Boomer’s not down with all that sniveling. She channels Joan Crawford and nearly shoots Hera up with a tranquilizer to stop that godsforsaken whining already.

Ellen tells Tigh that Adama needs to do more about finding Hera. Tigh figures getting approval for a recon mission is good enough. Ellen disagrees. The fate of their people is all tied up in Hera now. Tigh has had it with the “our people” talk. Adama and the ship are his people. More crusty manlove talk ensues. Ellen talks about how their people are dying. Tigh talks about his baby son dying. It’s hard to declare a winner in and amongst all the death talk.

Now Boomer is trying to convince Hera to eat. She’s lost some parental cred after nearly shooting up Hera with heavy drugs, however, so Hera isn’t budging. Boomer taps into an iota of humanity, and tells Hera about the special place in her head – the fancy Cylon yuppie house with the nice window treatments and upmarket kitchen cabinetry. Hera takes Boomer’s hand and is in the vision. Boomer is amazed that Hera can project.

Baltar is shaving. Starback is watching him shave while she pees. It’s the end of the world – screw modesty. She wants to know if he really believes that crap about angels walking amongst them. His personal Six is nearby, so yeah – he believes it. Starbuck decides to reveal to him that she’s dead. She shows him her dogtags from Earth. She wants him to run some tests and do science stuff and figure out what’s going on. She’s pretty sure she’s no angel, but if he could narrow it down even further, that’d be great.

Starbuck visits Anders. He’s now in a goo bath. The others figured it might help him reboot his brain or something. Starbuck’s a bit pissed that they’ve been trying to jump-start him like a car. She wants a minute alone with her beloved comatose robot husband. She remembers telling him how if she ever found out he was a robot, she’d put a bullet in his head. And now that a bullet is in his head, she’s decided he’s just Sam. Or rather, that’s how she’s going to remember him. She pulls out her gun and prepares to put another bullet in his head. Talk about tough love. Only he grabs her arm.

The ship quakes some more.

Anders is babbling.

The ship is quaking.

Anders is babbling. He mentions that Kara is the harbinger of death. But since when was the road to reconciliation ever a smooth one – at least on this show? Anders pipes down again.

Adama is reading to Roslin. She’s smiling at him. He wants to know what that look on her face is all about. Page 61, apparently. That’s where she has stashed her medicinal joint. She lights up. They reminisce about New Caprica. She talks about her dream cabin. The one in her head. Location, location, location. I guess when all the habitable planets have been nuked, the first rule of real estate becomes a pipe dream for survivors. Speaking of pipe dreams: Roslin starts to wax philosophical about what “home” is. She knows her home is with Adama. Even though he loves Galactica more than her. And if he doesn’t get them off this ship, he’ll lose both of his loves for sure.

Baltar is doing his mad scientist thing with Starbuck’s dogtags.

Anders is babbling. The others stand around him. Tigh realizes that all the power surges have been Anders’ doing. He linked to the new-fangled living goo that’s being spackled into Galactica’s cracks. Which gave him access to the ship’s other systems. So Anders could jump the ship if he wanted to. Tigh wants him taken offline. The others do so – reluctantly.

Caprica and Ellen are reporting to Adama. Based on their readings, Cavil appears to have moved the colony a few months earlier. They don’t know where he might have moved it to. It’s unlikely it’s just crammed between some sofa cushions like loose change or lint.

Boomer and Hera are in Boomer’s fancy house in her head. Boomer shows Hera the room where she thought her daughter would live. Poor, sad, crazy Boomer.

Helo approaches Adama. Adama reveals that the recon mission failed to determine where Boomer might have taken Hera. Helo wants to take out a ship to go look for his daughter himself. Adama won’t approve a suicide mission. Helo gets mad. Adama gets mad. Helo downshifts to sad. Helo just wants one raptor. Adama won’t relent.

There are funerals being held all over the ship. Everyone’s mad. And sad.

Baltar is holding Starbuck’s dogtags. He suddenly feels the urge to share. He says death is not the end! He’s talking about eternal life! He says one amongst us has already crossed over. The DNA analysis proves the blood on Starbuck’s tags came from her dead body. Starbuck approaches and slaps him silly. Adama threatens to throw Baltar in the brig.

Starbuck is at The Wall, staring at the other dead people. Lee approaches her. He doesn’t care. They’ve been through some crazy stuff already. So what if she’s dead, or whatever. He’s cool with that. He walks away. She puts a picture of herself on the wall.

Boomer and Hera arrive at the colony. Cavil wishes he could have seen the look on Ellen’s face when she realized they played her. There’s nothing like the ol’ inadvertent Trojan horse gag! Ah, good times. Boomer hands Hera over. Cavil promises to take good care of her. Neither Boomer nor Hera are convinced. Hera calls for Boomer as Cavil takes her away. Cavil promises Hera she’ll have all sorts of new playmates soon. Boomer is feeling like a jerk. A poor, sad, crazy jerk.

Adama looks on as the repairs continue. He takes his lapel pins off. He goes into his quarters and starts painting the decimated walls. His technique goes from Da Vinci to extreme Pollack in a matter of seconds. Everyone else is losing their frakkin’ minds – why shouldn’t he?

Starbuck is at Anders’ side with the weird sheet music. She figures they are the perfect match now, because she’s not the old her, and he’s not the old him. She wants to talk bigger picture stuff, like what the frak is going on with the weird sheet music?! She wonders if maybe he can figure it out, since he has a robot brain. He twitches and starts babbling some more.

Adama is splashing water on his face. He’s pulled himself together again. Tigh comes in. Adama has made some decisions. The Cliff’s Notes version is: abandon ship. Tigh can’t take it. No! Anything but that! Adama promises they’ll send her off in style. Tigh nearly starts crying. There’s more crusty manlove, and some crusty shiplove thrown in for good measure. They toast the Galactica. And sit forlornly.

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