Breaking Bad Plays Sweet Music, Paul Rudd Is A Pirate, And “Top Scallop” Makes Its Way To A T-Shirt

The weather this weekend on the East Coast was downright delightful. But apart from keeping a window cracked in my apartment, I was too busy re-watching (ahem, marathoning) the first season of Breaking Bad – in preparation for last night’s second season premiere – to notice.

In addition to it being one of the best, most intensely thought-provoking, and superbly acted shows on TV, it also has a pretty incredible soundtrack. Ever paid attention to it? With a potent mixture of old: Mick Harvey, new: Fujiya & Miyagi, and just plain virtually unknown, like 70s Bay Area R&B singer Darondo in episode 4, the music adds yet another layer of complexity and depth to a series that’s already chock full of soul.

These days the role of music supervisor is one of the most coveted in the biz, and there are few shows that actually get it right – BBC America’s Skins is one that succeeds in the art of getting it right – and only a lucky few people are able to break through. One of those lucky few is BB’s music supervisor Thomas Golubic, a DJ and Grammy-nominated supervisor for his work on HBO’s groundbreaker Six Feet Under.

In an interview on AMC’s blog, Golubic discusses the very unscientific process of picking out tracks for such a scientific show, saying “I hear songs where I think ‘Oh that’s completely Walt’, or ‘That’s something Jesse would have.'”

Of the contrast between the external world and the internal one of Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) relationship, Golubic says “The world outside is a drugged up world of its own. Everything’s a little bit too slick and too pleasant. Then you have this world of Walt and Jesse, which is ragged and bursting with awkward enthusiasm. It’s the dichotomy of the two different worlds.”

If you’re interested, AMC also keeps a blog of the songs featured in each episode so you can keep up with all the tunes. You might just discover something new!

Meanwhile, while I prepare for Summer Glau on tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory, take a look at some of the things catching my attention today:

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TOP T-SHIRT: Calling all Fabio Viviani fans! Bravo has the t-shirt for you. For only $19.95 + shipping and handling!

HOT FOR DOCTOR: Here’s a list of the top 10 possible titles for the upcoming Scrubs-themed porno. Yes, there is a Scrubs-themed porno in the works.

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