The Gloves Are Off: “I Didn’t Steal Claudia’s Idea”

It’s only taken two weeks for the gloves to start coming off on The Celebrity Apprentice. For viewers, it seems that a stage is being set between Claudia Jordan and me. Our task this week was to create a comic book character for online retailer, Zappos. With the help of some creative editing (which I’m all for btw) you were lead to believe that I was taking credit for Claudia’s concept regarding our character, Mizz Z. This was not the case.

Remember when our team pitched the focus group of comic book readers? With the exception of Claudia’s opening statement, her entire pitch was edited out. And for good reason, it fell completely flat. At that point, what you didn’t see was the rest of our group pushing me to pitch my idea. Now granted, all of us had similar ideas, but the editing absolutely leads to matters being taken out of context. If you watch the show again here on you’ll see in the boardroom that I’m the first one to come to Claudia’s defense when she’s put on the chopping block regarding her shaky pitch to Donald and the Zappos execs. I’m a team player and said what was right to defend her.

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But I also have to tell you that midway through our task I began to realize something troubling about my teammate, that Claudia is only worried about Claudia. I started to get the feeling that Claudia is really out to get me. On CA there are so many strong personalities, clashing is expected. I’ve made new friends from the show, I really like Khloe Kardashian and a few others. You’ve also probably noticed that Clint Black and Annie Duke aren’t winning any popularity contests amongst the rest of us.
The unsung hero this week for our team was Tionne. She did a ridiculous amount of hard work and didn’t get nearly enough credit on the show. She had a clear vision designing the costume and a strong sense of how to push the envelope regarding its alluring look. The execs from Zappos loved it so much they said they’re probably going to use Mizz Z, in their marketing.

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Over on the other side of the hallway in the men’s office, the wheels appear to be falling off the car. With all their egos walking around, there are major warring factions going on. You’d assume that a group of women would have the problems that they experience, not being able to agree on anything, but the guys’ cannot get past step one. One thing about our team, when we put an idea out there, we discussed it, made a decision, and moved on.

I really felt both teams had the same misstep with their tasks’. Not having Tom Green or my mom write the script for the super hero ad campaigns was just plain dumb. During the episode I spent a lot of time managing my mother’s justified frustration. In the end, Donald was right to fire Scott. The name for their female here, “E”, was horrible and made no sense at all.

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During our back to back victory party, you saw Herschel Walker walk in after leaving the boardroom right before Scott got the ax. I was the first person Herschel walked up to and for a huge football player, he was visibly rattled. That final board room is serious pressure. Even for a Heisman Trophy winner.

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Before I go, I want to congratulate my mom. Last week she kicked the season off and was the first winner on CA. Her charity, God’s Love We Deliver ( got a major donation, over 126k. That’s the reason we all do this show, to raise money and bring awareness on a global level to charities most people never heard of. God’s Love We Deliver has been a part of my mom’s life, and mine, since it began.

They deliver meals to anyone who is house bound by an illness that makes them unable to get or even cook food. They’ve grown from meals being delivered on bicycle to now having nutritionally customized meals delivered daily. We’ve got over 14,000 volunteers who deliver over 15,000 meals a week. To this day, God’s Love has delivered over 9 million meals. And thanks to Celebrity Apprentice, their awareness just grew a few more million.

Have a great week and we’ll catch up after the next Celebrity Apprentice…

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