‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spoilers: Slap Bet, Robin Sparkles, And The Yellow Umbrella

How I Met Your Mother’s Executive Producer Carter Bays doesn’t easily give up the spoiler goods. We HIMYM fans are about to go crazy if we don’t get some answers! The goat… the yellow umbrella… Robin Sparkles! During a recent call with Bays, Fancast tried (very sneakily) to pry out some of the answers. And while he didn’t give us much to work with, it’s definitely enough info to hold us over through the end of the season.

  • First and foremost, Danny Glover is set to guest star in an upcoming episode at the end of March. Bays was a little unclear, but he said Glover isn’t actually IN the episode, but he will appear. Perhaps he’ll be playing a spoof of himself in a movie or something. When asked if he’d play the father of Barney’s half-brother (played by Wayne Brady), Bays said he wishes he thought of that.
  • He was even vaguer about this tidbit: by the end of the season, the title of the show will be addressed. Take that as you will.
  • The yellow umbrella will be back.
  • Bays would love to bring back Victoria to wrap up her storyline, but has no plans as of yet. And if he did, he probably wouldn’t tell us anyway.
  • Bays told Fancast that Ted will be starting his own architecture firm, tentatively called Mosbius Designs. What, no “Ted Mosby: Architect?”
  • Regarding Robin and Barney: Bays says he never had any intention of pairing the two until he saw their chemistry in the laser tag episode. That was about all he spilled.
  • Expect to get answers about the goat on the season finale. This has been a joke since the first season, when Bays threw it in the show not knowing whether they’d get a second season. Then Bays was left to explain it!
  • Then there’s the slap bet. We all know there’s two slaps left. Bays promises the next slap will be the most dramatic yet, but don’t expect to see it any time soon. He wants to stretch the last two slaps over the next few years.
  • Robin Sparkles! “Let’s Go to the Mall” was full of awesome amazingness, and the emotional follow-up “Sandcastles in the Sand” brought tears to our eyes. So how does one top that? Bays says a third song will definitely happen, but not anytime soon. When it does, it will have to be more awesome than the first two combined.
  • Last but not least, Bays joked around about the fact that they’re dragging out the story for so long. He says it’s almost become some sort of cosmic joke… the longer it takes to get to the end, the sweeter it is.

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