Jim Cramer To Appear On The Daily Show Thursday To Defend His “Buy Bear Stearns” Advice

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In case you missed it, there’s a war brewing between CNBC and Comedy Central and tomorrow night the two main combatants meet on the field of battle.

Last week, Jon Stewart ignited a firestorm of hilarity when he called Mad Money’s Jim Cramer out on the carpet for denying he had backed Bear Stearns as a “buy” right up until the moment the bloated investment giant collapsed under its own weight last year. Cramer weakly defended his position by claiming he never actually advised anyone to stick with the gasping Goliath.

Unfortunately for Cramer, Comedy Central seems to have the better videotape library.

Inexplicably, mothership NBC set Cramer up on Tuesday’s Today show by calling attention to the feud during Cramer’s regular Mad Money blah, blah blog report and now the gloves are off. Tomorrow night, Cramer faces off with Stewart on The Daily Show to try and explain his unfathomable position. Let’s hope both sides have back-up DVRs…

The winner so far?

Twitter, which is clocking “Tweets” for both sides of the issue at better than 1 every minute. Proving once again that talk is cheap. Like, 2 bucks a share.

Don’t miss the fireworks when Jim Cramer appears on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Thursday night at 8 pm on Comedy Central.

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