Jericho Turns Into Comic Book, Bridget Talks Beaches, Hawaii V. SNL, Tyra Tackles Violence and More

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Jericho Comes Back: Angry Jericho fans can rest a little easy: their favorite canceled show about a post-nuclear city has been turned into a comic book by Devil’s Due Publishing. The strip will pick up where the series left off and will be produced by the same team. “We plan to give fans the story they’ve been craving. This is going to be epic stuff,” said Devil’ Due president Josh Blaylock.

Bridget’s Beaches: Bridget Marquardt  tells THR in a new video that her new show, Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches, will head to Spain, Croatia, Hawaii, Australia, Thailand, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, and those two faraway lands called Florida an Southern California. Kendra Wilkinson also confirms in the vid that she’s getting married June 27th at the Playboy mansion.

Tyra Tackles Violence: Wherever Oprah goes, Tyra follows. Today, Tyra Banks will be taking on domestic and teen dating violence on an upcoming show, where she will also share her own dating violence story. As we reported yesterday, the model will guest star on Oprah’s domestic violence special, which was directly influenced by the Rihanna/Chris Brown affair.

Hawaii versus SNL: We may have loved SNL’s Hawaii tourism skit, where Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson portrayed a passive aggresive restaurant entertainer, but Hawaii sure didn’t. The state’s government officials are angry, saying that the show “went too far in its negative depiction of Hawaii’s native people and tourism industry,” and that he would never allow “such distortions go unchecked” in today’s economy. One of Jonson’s jokes during the skit? “It’s a fun fact about Hawaii. Our biggest export is coffee. And our biggest import is fat white tourists!” Watch the skit above and judge for yourself.

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