Biggest Loser’s Mandi: “Jillian’s Plan Was to Get Rid of Filipe”

Mandi Kramer is the latest eliminee from The Biggest Loser campus, and it seems she escaped just in the nick of time. In the week preceding her departure, the drama was overflowing. First, her competition pigged out during their 24 hours a luxury. This caused Jillian to literally flip a lid on her team. Sione and Filipe couldn’t take the yelling, so they went running back to Bob, their original trainer. So now Mandi was forced to work side-by-side with her biggest competition. Who wouldn’t be a little stressed from that? Apparently the stress was a wee bit overwhelming for poor Mandi, who gained two pounds and sent herself home.

Fancast got the chance to talk to Mandi about her journey on Biggest Loser, and boy oh boy, she didn’t hold back one bit. Read on to find out what she had to say about Jillian, Ron, and the Black Team. And it isn’t pretty.

Why did you decide to send yourself home?

I realized that Aubrey needed to stay more than I did. I realized that I like to work out and exercise, and she doesn’t so much. I was hoping that the longer she stayed, it would get more ingrained in her head.

Did you feel ganged up on when everyone decided to vote for you?

I knew the minute that Dane went home that it was going to be Aubrey or me that went home next… unless we could really get inside Kristin and Cathy’s heads that Ron was kind of the weakest link that needed to go home. And I thought I had, but when it came down to elimination, Kirstin pretty much just said, well Mandi’s going home. It hurt but there was no way I could get them to change their minds.

When Filipe flipped out at Jillian for not training him, was that just an oversight on Jillian’s part or did she intentionally not give him one-on-one time?

I think she did it intentionally. Jillian’s whole plan was going to be to get rid of Filipe. And so I think he heard word of that and that’s what made him so mad in the first place. If anyone’s there playing the game, it’s Jillian the most. It sucks to say that but she really made him feel like an outsider and was like hey well pretty much he heard that you wanted to get rid of him so he was like whatever. So she really just didn’t work on him at all because she was figuring he was dispensable and he wasn’t going to be there much longer anyway.

What did you think when Sione and Filipe came over to train with Bob?

I thought it actually gave the Black Team more of an advantage because I knew that they would get a better workout. They would actually relieve some stress working out with a trainer that they loved and that they could push themselves a little bit harder so it kind of scared me a little bit. [I was] thinking, geez, now they’re going to lose tons of weight and they’re still on the opposite team.

Were you surprised when you saw the other team eating and drinking so much during their 24 hours of luxury?

Oh, my gosh, yeah. We got a chance to talk with them a little bit when they came back and they kind of told us what they did but I had no idea it was to such extreme. They said yeah we ate and we got massages and stuff. Well they left out the drinking part so that was like a whole big shock to me. I was just sitting there watching it going, oh my gosh. Everything they did… it’s crazy. Why would they do that? And then at the same time I get mad at myself because [Sione] did all of this and I still couldn’t beat him?

Ron is the weak link on the Blue Team, so why do you think he’s still there?

I think that Ron is really good at taking the focus off of himself. And he’s really good at making people feel sorry for him. He has done all these surgeries and all these things to help him lose weight and nothing has worked. He’s a good person, don’t get me wrong, but he’s definitely got the ‘feel sorry for me, I need this for my boys’ attitude.

Has the show brought you and your sister Aubrey closer together?

I think it definitely changed quite a bit of the dynamics. I was the older sister but she always acted like the older sister. I was kind of shy and didn’t have the self confidence that she had had. And so that put some struggles on our relationship. But overall looking back on it, us being able to go through this and really figure out who we are as individuals made us bond more as sisters.

What’s your weight-loss routine like now that you’re home?

I have two different trainers at home. And I still try and workout two to three hours a day. I usually take Sundays off to kind of give my body a rest day. Really, my hugest struggle since I’ve been home has been food. Just really trying to be conscious of everything I put in my mouth has been my number one problem. I’ve only got eight weeks left before the finale so I’m really just cracking down and doing the best I can.

What was the biggest lesson you learned?

I think the biggest lesson is just to realize that you have everything that you need to succeed inside of you. And if you believe it or not it’s there, you just need to dig deep and know that you can do it. And you don’t need a trainer, you don’t need a gym, you don’t need anything; you just need to know that in yourself that you’re strong enough to do it and just get out there and do it.

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