Party Down Served Up Early, The Return Of Billy Bush, And Snuggie Mania Takes Over

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ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?: We’ve got a sneak peek of the premiere episode of Starz’s hilarious new comedy about cater waiters, Party Down (aka “The Office with canapés”) before it airs on the cable network this Friday. Keep an eye out for a naked, cannon-balling Enrico Colantoni who guests in the episode as a disaffected suburbanite. In an interview I did with the show’s star Adam Scott last week, he discussed the ridiculous nude pool scene they share, saying “Enrico is a very gentle, warm person. I would sit in a pool naked with him any time.” He then explained “we were in that pool for like five hours, so we got to know each other very well.”

BUSH WHACKED: While the Today Show’s Fourth Hour co-host Kathie Lee Gifford is vacationing in Florida this week, Billy Bush has once again taken over to wax effeminate (literally) with Hoda Kotb. When talk this morning turned to bikini waxes and trips to the beach, Bush said he sports a “mankini.” Moments later he touched on his recent stop at the hair salon for touch-up highlights (it’s all about the foil), and called Hoda “girlfriend,” when admiring what excellent shape she’s in. At least he didn’t talk about his man boobs yet, but stay tuned.

WHAT THE CHUCK?: After way too many Monday’s worth of reruns to count, Gossip Girl finally comes back tonight, and it promises to be Bass-tastic. Watch this clip announcing the return of Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan) and commence OMG-ing.

IT’S A BLANKET, WITH SLEEVES: When Tracy Morgan and Jimmy Fallon each wear one on national television, you know it’s true: The world has officially gone bonkers for the Snuggie. This weekend, the NY Times Magazine picked up on the absurd backwards robe trend, touching on its steadily increasing sales, and the steadily increasing popularity of “Snuggie pub crawls.” Of course there’s also this video if you need more explanation. As a friend of mine questioned on Saturday, “what’s next, the Snuggie for two?” Dibs on the patent rights to “The Spooner.”

SAME SHOW, NEW TITLE: Ever been confused by TV shows that go off the air, only to return with the same characters and a different title? (Exhibit A: “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” and “Saved By The Bell“) Or what about shows that just change identities altogether? Here, the top 20 mutant TV shows are examined.

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