Sci Fi Channel Changes Its Name, Punk Rocker Joins Sons of Anarchy, New Big Bang Theory, And More

Here’s what’s up today:

Sci Fi Channel: The Sci FI channel is no more. Sort of. In July, the station is getting rid of its old name in favor of the newer, hipper Syfy and the new tagline, ‘Imagine Greater.’ Network president Dave Howe explained the re-branding by saying that the channel is “more than just space and aliens and the future – the three things most people think of when they think of ‘sci fi.'”

Big Bang Preview: On tonight’s Big Bang Theory, Penny launches her own home-based company selling hair products. But the situation gets as sticky as a glue gun when her business sense gets in the way of her friendships. Watch a preview on Fancast.

Henry Rollins Joins Sons of Anarchy: Legendary punk rock star and occasional talking head Henry Rollins is joining the FX series, Sons of Anarchy as a guest star for six episodes. He will portray a biker gang antagonist who threatens the livelihood of the Sons and the town of Charming. Production of season two starts on April 27 in Los Angeles.

Reaper’s Women: It’s one thing to dislike your buddy’s date, but what happens when his girl turns out to be the demon who once tried to kill you? Find out on tomorrow’s brand new Reaper and catch a preview on Fancast.

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