HBO’s “Rome” Heading To The Big Screen

Most viewers agree that HBO’s Rome, an in-depth and authentic depiction of the realities of life in Caesar’s empire, ended far too soon, after only two seasons. One can understand the massive cost of such an elaborately constructed setting would take too much of a toll on the network’s budget as an ongoing series. However, a theatrical movie, where giant budgets are par for the course, might make a better fit for such an epic saga. So it’s good to hear Ray Stevenson, aka resident badass Titus Pullo, saying that Bruno Heller is writing the screenplay now, and the Rome film could go into production between six months and a year if all goes according to plan.

Stevenson is excited at the potential opportunity to step back into Titus Pullo’s sandals, and he says he completely trusts Heller not to drop the ball in taking it to a new medium, with even fewer restrictions than HBO gave him. “He never pulled his punches with the hard drama or the social status, or the action sequences. He put full honesty into the characters,” he said. As far as Pullo himself, Stevenson can’t wait to get back into it. “I love Pullo. I love him to pieces. This guy is going to come in with a high body count.” Considering where the series left off, with Titus about to expose an explosive secret to Caesarion, we might be able to guess who one of those bodies will be.

Learn more about HBO’s Rome with these cool clips.

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