Melissa Rivers: “Jesse James is the Smartest Player on the Men’s Side”

Last week on Celebrity Apprentice it all came down to the boardroom. Watching the broadcast I wished they had shown more. Dennis Rodman minced some testy words with Ivanka and Donald in the closing boardroom. Donald was frustrated; he felt Dennis wasn’t really putting in an effort for his team. They exchanged some heated words and at one point Dennis said to Donald, “Do you think you’re better than me because you have money?” Maybe not the best choice of words… By the look of things, Dennis might appear to not be trying. But let me tell you, he absolutely is. What he doesn’t like is how his teammates treat him sometimes. He has a mindset; If you’re going to treat me like an idiot, I’ll act like one. He just wants respect from his guys.

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At this stage of the game, the boys’ team has fractured into four camps:

1) Brian and Jesse.
2) Herschel and anyone, he gets along with his whole team. Except Dennis that is.
3) Dennis and Tom. (But now that Tom’s gone, Dennis needs a new partner)
4) Clint. Who is an island all unto himself…

Jesse James is the only one on their team who has his total act together. I think he’s the smartest player on the men’s side.

Our team had a great time in winning. It was a fun task, and a real team effort that required all of us to be on the same page. But, there was one person on our team that disappointed me this week, Claudia. Yes, she did get us models to wear the wedding dresses, but what you didn’t see was the models sitting around drinking champagne with Claudia and just having fun. Which is fine, I suppose… She contributed somewhat, but we all need to complete the task as a team till the end. I was definitely surprised by her lackadaisical attitude. Especially after working with her and seeing what she can pull of when she’s properly motivated.

And again, Tionne is the unsung hero for Athena. In our shop, Tionne was on her knees, pinning and adjusting the wedding dresses and did an overall remarkable job. What you might not know is that Tionne owns an exclusive children’s boutique in Houston (named after her daughter) called Chase’s Closet. So she knows how to sell and that footage was left out. This Saturday, there’s a two hour encore version of last week’s episode. I hope they put all that stuff in and also show when our team was let loose in the wedding store. It was hilarious. I know my friend Jacqueline is hoping they show it. She’s getting married and wants to know everything there is about wedding dresses.

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While it looks like our team operates quite smoothly, there are bumps. Without giving anything away, coming up in a new episode two of our best players get into it with each other and one, how can I put this nicely? One manages to verbally and mentally eat away what’s left of another player’s brain. You don’t want to miss it.

Big thanks out to QVC for bringing in a 25k donation for our team. I also want to thank Preston Bailey for helping us. Preston is probably the most famous wedding and gala event planner out there. I met him Preston when he was just starting in the business. He designed my wedding and did an amazing job. Then he appeared on Oprah (who also became a client) and his career skyrocketed. I called him and only had to say, “I’m doing a charity event and I need your help.” He instantly said, “What time and where?” What he did with our space was incredible, he’s beyond talented. I know the guys complained about having to sell wedding dresses, but it really came down to just setting up a good store and making it appealing for the customer. It had nothing to do with the product, we could have been selling widgets. It was about creating the perfect environment for the task. We had makeup consultation, food, champagne, and to top it off, Klohe called her contact at Jimmy Choo who brought 15 of the most incredible pairs of wedding shoes for the ladies to use when they tried on the wedding dresses.

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In the final boardroom, Tom Green’s firing was just brutal. I love Tom, but seriously, you don’t oversleep when you’re the project manager. While Tom looked disheveled and tired during the actual task and especially in the boardroom, given the circumstances after a night of drinking with Dennis at the hotel bar, he looked fantastic. As far as Dennis and his mystery eye infection go, he and Tom needed to get their stories straight. It kept changing before our uninfected eyes, first Dennis is allergic to cats, then to dogs, then why is a cat in the hotel, or a dog, and then why are pets at the hotel bar for that matter? It was rough watching Trump basically scold them. On the men’s team, they are the two I was the closest with. I was sad to see Tom go, but there was no way out for him on that one. He was getting fired.

One last note about Dennis, at the end of the episode Trump says to him, “Dennis, can you try a little harder, please?” That’s because Trump knows Dennis is quite smart and can contribute plenty to his team..if he wants to apply himself that is…

Also remember, three weeks into the broadcasts translates for us as six straight days of working and filming that are 16 hours each at a minimum. Dennis needed to blow off some steam and took Tom along for the ride. Sadly, Tom had to take a ride home alone because of it. See you next week!

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