Rockville, CA Arrives, Two Musts For The Weekend, And A Classic Makes It’s Way To DVD

JOSH SCHWARTZ MAKES SWEET MUSIC: The new web series by O.C. and Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz has landed here on Fancast. Meet Hunter, the resident socially awkward, yet tragically hip music nerd (cough, Seth Cohen), who waxes philosophical about the “dying industry,” and sinks jagged insults (“they’re completely mediocre,”) into nearly every band who plays his favorite club, Rockville. Enter Deb, the cute, starry-eyed A&R rep for Wall to Wall Records (and Ginnifer Goodwin doppelganger) who is sure to capture the heart of young Hunter, once they stop throwing zingers at each other. Watch the first four webisodes here.

PRESIDENTIAL TV: If you didn’t get enough of President Obama comparing D.C. politics to American Idol on Leno last night, then you’ll definitely want to tune-in to 60 Minutes on Sunday, when he sits down to discuss more hard-hitting topics. Maybe like how life at the White House is just like The Real World?

COMPOUND FRACTURE: The brilliant third season of HBO’s Big Love comes to an end on Sunday night, and it promises to be a death-filled doozy of a cliffhanger. So who do you think is going to wind up knocking on The Holy Father’s door? Here’s a hint: it’s definitely one of these eight characters.

DESIGNING ON DVD: The first season of the show which made having a pet pig fashionable (wayyy before Clooney did it), Designing Women, is coming out on DVD on May 26th. In honor of the upcoming release, I’ve dug up one of my favorite musical interludes from the series here. RIP Alice Ghostley.

SET YOUR DVRS: Former evangelical pastor Ted Haggard, who was recently the subject of the HBO documentary The Trials of Ted Haggard, will be appearing in an episode of Divorce Court on April 1st with his wife Gayle. But here’s the fishy part: they’re not getting divorced. April Fools!

AB FAB CROSSES THE POND: The American remake of Absolutely Fabulous has begun shooting, and I can’t stop laughing at these photos that surfaced last week of Kristen Johnson and Kathryn Hahn dressed as Patsy and Edie.

WHERE’S THE SHOW?: Whoa! A U.S.A. TV sitcom map has been created, which just begs the question: why haven’t any decent shows taken place in Wyoming?

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