Sci Fi Tracker: This Week In Sci Fi – Big Name Swap, BSG Gets U.N. Props, And Fox Friday Lineup Doesn’t Flop

Dollhouse promises it’s “game changing” episode tonight, and Terminator insists that ‘Today is the Day’ (part 2) to continue delivering on its promise of darker days for Team Connor.

But do I even need to ask what most of us will be watching – and weeping over – this evening? And, immediately following Battlestar’s curtain closing ep, watch this space for a special Q&A with David Eick, Ron Moore, Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos, in which the fab four share their thoughts concerning the riveting final chapter.

The old battleship isn’t the only thing being dismantled over at the Sci Fi Channel, either. Looks like the channel’s brand identity, and more than a modicum of their dignity, have been tossed on the scrap heap.

Plus we have a recap of recent casting news, Trek rumors (the small screen kind), and summer sneak peeks.

Syfy? Is That Contagious?

Had the story broke on April 1, perhaps everyone would be having a good laugh over the Sci Fi Channel’s alleged name change. Instead, the comments section on Sci Fi Wire (and pretty much everywhere else) erupted in protest, lauding the move as being about as smart as “New Coke,” and “the best idea since ‘Mansquito’.” Out of the thousand plus comments that have been lobbed at the Wire in response, one quickly loses track of how many times the word “dumb” is brandished within the first couple of dozen posts…..

‘Imagine Greater’ was simply supposed to be the channel’s new tagline, but it also seems to be an inspiring directive for fans to conjure the most elaborate insults over the whole re-branding brouhaha.

Live Long and Prosper (Some More)!

Today The Live Feed connected a bunch of dots which resulted in a picture that ought to get Trekkies excited….. in both good and bad ways. Bryan Fuller – he who pushed Daisies, and quite a few Heroes eps, out of his noggin – thinks it would be fun to revive the franchise. He might have said something along those lines to J.J. Abrams who, you know, apparently has some vaguely related large screen flick in the works. Will they strike while the iron is hot everyone’s phasers are fired up?  Stay tuned.

Three Funerals and A Suicide (Not To Be Confused With Any Sort Of Hugh Grant Star Vehicle)

Actor Robert Carlyle spoke to io9 about his upcoming role on Stargate Universe, and the details are juicy. Carlyle promises that this will be a particularly dark chapter in the Stargate saga. How dark, you ask? Festering, black pools of soul-sucking despair dark! ‘Three Funerals and a Suicide’ is not the name of the any sort of Hugh Grant film sequel in the works. It’s merely the body count for SU’s first six episodes or so.

Seeker Actor May Find (More) Stormtroopers In His Future

Slice of Sci Fi reports that actor Jay Laga’aia, who currently plays Chase on Legend of the Seeker, and who already familiarized himself with the fine art of smacking down stormtroopers in big screen Star Wars episodes II and III, is in the running for a role in the small screen live action series. Highly convenient that the Kiwi in question might not have to travel so very far, far away to report to work…..rumors suggest the show may be based in New Zealand or Australia.

Caprica: The Advent of Artificial Intelligence (You Know, Where Hot Model Sixes Come From)

Lots of Caprica buzz has infiltrated cyberspace. Esai Morales offers up some riveting prequel details over at Sci Fi Wire, where David Eick also shares exactly how Caprica will have its feet planted firmly on the ground, in the “we’re not set in space” kind of way.

Besides, If The Sight of Tricia Helfer In That Little Red Dress Doesn’t Inspire World Peace, What Will……?

Battlestar Galactica has fans all over the globe, so it seems only fitting that the latest BSG fan convention would take place at the United Nations. Exec producers David Eick and Ron Moore, along with stars Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos – and a guest star appearance by Whoopi Goldberg, who played the part of Moderator – participated on a panel in the Economic and Social Council Chamber. They talked about how things like terrorism and prejudice and torture are bad. It might have been even more interesting if the panel found themselves fielding questions from conference-crashing dictators regarding the technical specifications for building a personal airlock to flush enemies out of. Oh, well….truth may be stranger than fiction, but it’s not always as entertaining.

And that’s a wrap.

Till next week, sci fi fans.

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