‘E.R.’: 10 Facts About TV’s Long-Running Drama

NBC’s long-running drama E.R. is slated to go off the air April 2. The show, which has run for 14 seasons, receives a tribute in the NY Times NY Times from those who starred on and made the series- and some interesting details emerged.

Here are 10 facts:

  1. “Every network passed on the show – twice,” said executive producer John Wells. “It had all these characters and medical dialogue, and they found it utterly impossible to follow.”
  2. Bestselling author Michael Crichton, who died in 2008, wrote the script in 1974.
  3. Steven Spielberg was one of the original producers.
  4. George Clooney was the first actor cast.
  5. Anthony Edwards originally turned down an offer to be on the series
  6. Eriq La Salle wasn’t cast until four days before the pilot.
  7. La Salle had the entire cast to his house to watch the premiere and the sound on his TV went off every 15 minutes. “George kept saying I had timed it so it happened every time one of his scenes came on,” he said.
  8. George Clooney left after five seasons and producers worried the show would end.
  9. In the mid-1990s “ER” attracted more than 30 million viewers a week, at its very peak in 1998, 47.8 million.
  10. E.R. is still NBC’s second highest rated drama (behind Law & Order: SVU)

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